AF447 flight data recorder search to be extended

by Jonathan on May 4, 2010

The BEA, Bureau d’Enquetes et d’Analyses, issued a press release today with updates on phase 3 of the search for Air France flight 447’s wreckage and flight data recorders. After about a month of searching, phase 3 of the search has produced nothing.

There will be a continuation of Phase 3 of the search that will extend until around May 25. Both Air France and Airbus are each contributing 1.5 million euros ($1.9 million) to this extension of the phase 3 search efforts.

This continuation of phase 3 will be done with fewer ships and equipment. The U.S Navy’s ROV’s and sonar, will now be unavailable because they are being mobilized for a military operation. Also, one of the AUV, the one belonging to Geomar, will not be available for this continuation phase.

The search will be continued with the Norwegian ship the Seabed Worker, and two AUVs.

The BEA is still optimistic and believes that it is still possible to locate the flight data recorders.

Click here to read the BEA press release.

Thanks to Gus for the tip on the press release.

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    From AFP via the ABC (Oz) website a few minutes ago …

    Black boxes of Rio-Paris air crash plane found

    Posted 5 minutes ago

    French accident investigators say they have located the black box flight recorders from an Air France jet that crashed in the Atlantic in June last year, killing 228 people.

    They added, however, that they might not be able to retrieve them.

    The crash of flight AF 447 was the worst in Air France's 75-year history.

    On June 1, the Airbus A330 came down in the Atlantic as it was flying from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, resulting in the deaths of all passengers and crew on board.

    The cause of the accident is still unknown, but investigators say malfunctioning airspeed probes on the aircraft were a factor.

    The flight data and cockpit conversations recorded on the black boxes are crucial to determining the circumstances of the crash.

    A three-month search last year by a French navy submarine and sonar-equipped ships failed to locate the devices.

    A private memorial was held for the victims in Rio de Janeiro in November.

    In the same month, relatives of eight of the victims filed lawsuits against Air France seeking damages.

    The lawsuit filed in the US state of Illinios alleges negligence and products liability on the part of Airbus and the makers of various instruments used on the flight.

    "As a direct and proximate result of the defendants' negligence, the subject aircraft crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on June 1, 2009, killing plaintiff's descendants, causing severe terror and pain prior to impact, and resulting in both personal and pecuniary injuries," the lawsuit said.

    - AFP


  • nina

    I just read in an swedish online newspaper that the flight data recorders have been located on thursday but it is uncertain if they can be picked up due to the uneven terrain.
    Link to the article:….

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