May 6 BEA press release on AF447

by Jonathan on May 6, 2010

The BEA issued the following press release today:

The French Navy Staff Headquarters this morning provided the BEA with the results of the latest analysis of the audio recordings made by the submarine Emeraude during the first phase of underwater searches. These results were obtained very recently and made it possible to define a zone of a few dozen square kilometres in which the airplane wreckage may be found.

Given this latest information, the BEA has decided to extend the searches to this zone. It is in fact situated two hours sailing time to the south of the position of the ship that is currently exploring the area north-west of the last known position of the airplane. Searches will begin there tomorrow morning.

In relation to these developments, the BEA will provide an update on the situation in its offices at Le Bourget on Monday 10 May between 14 h and 15 h. Journalists who wish to attend are requested to confirm their presence as soon as possible to Martine Del Bono, preferably by email.

Bureau d’Enquetes et d’Analyses

  • claudio

    Let's hope this is the right area…

  • gia

    Didn’t they put people on the moon in the 1960’s?? To me this should be a lot easier given our advanced technology!

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