French Couple Escape Death by Missing Flight

by Jonathan on June 2, 2009

A French couple is lucky to be alive today after not being able to board the doomed flight of Air France flight 447. The couple, medical professor Claude Jaffiol and wife, Amina, tried desperately to get on the plane that would later disappear into the Atlantic ocean.

“It’s miraculous — we should have been on the plane” said Claude. The couple were in Brazil and decided to cut their trip short and return to the French city of Montpellier. Claude explained that he had been in Rio de Janeiro for a seminar and decided to stay a little longer for some tourism. They decided to leave a little earlier than planned.

Despite trying everything they could to get on the earlier flight, they were turned down because the flight was full.

“We’ve had an amazing stroke of luck. After awhile we were afraid, and our thoughts are with those who were in the plane,” his wife Amina said.

As sad as this tragedy is, the only good news that is ever going to come out of this is stories like this of people who are lucky to be alive today because of some random chance.

Air France flight 447 disappeared off the coast of Brazil on Monday. The plane was carrying 228 people and is believed to have crashed into the Atlantic ocean.


  • News, Missing French jet hit thunderstorms over Atlantic. – Travel – airfare, hotels, car rental… – Page 3 – City-Data Forum

    [...] stroke of luck for these guys: Air France Flight 447

  • News, Missing French jet hit thunderstorms over Atlantic. – Travel – airfare, hotels, car rental… – Page 3 – City-Data Forum

    [...] stroke of luck for these guys: Air France Flight 447

  • http://airfrance447 Lisa

    That “random chance” is called God.

  • http://Website Dave


    If that “random chance” is called GOD, what do you call the “random chance” of the people who weren’t so lucky and died?

  • Name (required)

    You are right, it’s silly to say “God saved their lives” while 228 others perished.

    Making such statements makes us Christians look kind of stupid, and makes God look like He is not in control.

    The bottom line is, none of us are going to make it out of here alive; the best we can hope for is the gift God freely gave us, that is, eternal life. Compared to that, our stay here at Hotel Earth is a short vacation.

  • http://Website Amando Auleley

    i agree with you on that one, our stay here at Hotel Earth is a really short vacation and we don’t even decide when to leave… who decides for us? who allow people to go through a pain like this one, loosing friends and families in such tragic way….
    let’s just stay strong and show as much love as we can to the families ‘victims.

  • http://Website Jay Cee

    Hebrews 9:27 states, “it is appointed unto men once to die…” The word appointed means to fix or set officially. It’s a very simple proposition. Everyone has a set time to die. Apparently Dave doesn’t believe God allows people to die. He should read the Bible.

  • http://Website Liam Ruter

    how awful that the god squad leap into this tragedy at the first opportunity. I’m sure the many intelligent athiests who perished would not appreciate your foolish words about death being predetermined. very insulting indeed.

  • http://Website Kieran

    I just want to say that the 2 people who luckily missed the flight are extremely lucky to be alive and my heart goes out to the family and friends of those who sadly died in the crash.
    R.I.P to all those lost on the plane

  • http://Website Lori

    I don’t really want to play into the whole “this is gods fault” or any of that, I feel that “Hotel Earth” as someone said earlier is one big test being given by God himself, To see what we can take and how we take it, once that test is passed were outta here. that is just how i feel it goes. Why else? i mean there is definitely people who can’t take it and pass kinda like suicide victims. i think thats the biggest thing, the question Why? Just an opinion every is subject to have one.

  • http://Website Trish


    Have you read the Bible? We live separated from God and due to sin and therefore we live in a world that is corrupt and evil. Our true home is heaven. Believing in Jesus Christ is the only Way to get into Heaven and be reconciled back to God. The first man and woman sinned against God in Eden and until Christ comes again this earth will continue to be a place of sadness, sorrow, grief, agony and hopelessness.

  • http://Website Cathy

    Do any of you people have any experience with attending Church and reading the Bible (God’s Word), or do you just dream up these opinions and feel compelled to express yourself? No, God does not test people. Once again, it is called the Bible.

  • http://Website Jill

    James 1:3
    because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.

    James 1:12
    Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.

    These are only two of the many verses in the Bible that speak of God testing us. He loves us and wants us to continually grow in our trust in Him. Just like our children grow in their trust in us, even when they don’t understand.

  • http://Website Dave

    It’s funny when something terrible happens, It’s god testing us, and when something good happens, It’s god saving us.

    To all the Bible readers and believers: why did god let this happen to these people? Why did GOD let that plane crash with those 228 people on board? Why???

    Those people did not have to die.

  • http://Website G1

    There is a time appointed for all to die, now or later. That doesn’t make God guilty.

  • http://Website SJ

    agreed with G1
    Gd is good, although after tragedy it is hard to believe.
    Dave, no one ‘has to’ die. Who are we to question Gd. that is our test. to believe, DESPITE.
    We made planes, Gd gave us the brains to create all kinds of things, He also created the idea of consequence and risk.
    Imagine no one ever died of a plane crash. Gd doesn’t make it a walk in the park to believe in Him. its hard. people die. people live. Thats the way Gd made it. Who are we to question why some people die young and some people die old.
    So, as a bystander to this terrible event, all we can do is pray for the families in their time of distress, hope that plane builders learn from the accident by creating better and safer planes and believe that Gd is great DESPITE the evil yet with the help of the GOOD

  • http://Website T.W.

    You people never stop to amuse me. Quoting from a book of HOCUS POCUS. Somehow you always find a verse or passage to fit the moment. Just like the writings of Nostradamus. If you try hard enough you can make anything fit. Thus explaining your bible to be right. At least we know Nostradamus wasn’t make believe. He was a living breathing man. Let these family grieve in they own believes.

  • http://Website SC

    Did the woman in this story just die from a car crash?

  • AF447


    No, it’s not the woman in this story. At first I thought so. It’s so sad..and weird.

  • http://Website Pascal Baroki

    Dear All,
    I guess, we should not talk about Religion, as it seems that only Religion brings conflict in this world since centuries.
    Deep regrets , yes indeed for all the Families and their relatives.
    Let’s hope once, I guess, and the most important, that we will find the black Box ang get a proper relational answer to this accident.

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  • http://Website Marcia

    Dave!! We all have to die..death to a believer in Jesus a time to celebrate!! I look upon death with JOY..because I know that i have eternal life..thanks to the grace of GOD..
    My heart goes out to those who do not believe in Jesus Christ..because, there is a a trial and a Hell..Jesus died for our sins..and only through him we are saved.
    Dave, repent from your sins..and turn to god..all he wants is to have a relationship with him..and read his word..The Bible..
    Remember, the only way!!!!
    Turn to Jesus Christ!!! God loves you so much that he gave is only son..Jesus

  • http://Website Prem Kumar

    first of all congratulations to the couple for getting saved this time….. but for how long ??????????????
    All of us to pass one day , sooner or later & the means of transportaion will be similar to an AF 447 or a car accident or could be a disease.
    So thank god every day that you have spent safely the previous day … who knows what is stored in for to-day.
    But one can always pray for a good day.
    Do you believe none of the passengers including the crew of A447 did their prayer before getting into the air craft particularly while experiencing the horrible effects due to turbulence ?
    But what happened to their prayer.
    So please do not link up every thing with all mighty or blame HIM
    Go in doing yoyr best , it will happen whai is destined for.( GITA)

    Thank you

  • baby D

    ps. They died in a car crash a few days later.

  • http://Website Rami

    baby D,
    are you sure you are not confusing this couple with another Italian couple?

  • Steven

    You religious people make me sick. Take your propaganda elsewhere.

  • Pentam Torbin

    Honestly, I think the religious discussion should be removed. This isn’t the place for religious debate.

  • tuan anh

    How about my case that I do not follow the chirstian. So the God does not apply to me. Every one has destiny and it is very sad that one destiny should die in plan crash

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