Irish Victims Identified: Aisling Butler, Jane Deasy, Eithne Walls

by Jonathan on June 2, 2009

Jane Deasy, one of the 3 Irish victims.

Jane Deasy, one of the 3 Irish victims.

Three Irish women that were onboard Air France flight 447 that disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean were best friends who were studying to become doctors. The three were returning home from a holiday in Brazil with other friends who graduated from Trinity College Dublin 2 years ago.

They were identified as Aisling Butler of Roscrea, County Tipperary, Jane Deasy of Dublin, and Eithne Walls, who is originally from Belfast. According to the article, they were traveling together from along with a fourth woman, a Britis from Wales.

Aisling’s father, John, already knows the fait of his daughter. He said “We know Aisling is gone, we are sure of that,” he said. “It is just about trying to live now, I have to live for my wife and my only other daughter Lorna.”

When he heard about the plane’s disappearance, he initially thought that his daughter was due in the following day but decided to check the travel details which he had deleted from his inbox.

Aisling Butler, 23, Irish - Doctor

Aisling Butler, 23, Irish - Doctor

“When I opened it up a nightmare opened up as well,” he said.

According to her father, Aisling had celebrated her 26th birthday just two weeks ago. She loved her job as a young doctor but also lived life to the fullest.

“She never flunked an exam in her life, nailed everyone of them and took it all in her stride as well,” said John. Aisling was doing an internship in Tallaght Hospital and was to move to St. James’ Hospital next month.

Eileen Doherty, a friend of the family said this about Aisling: “She was such a lovely, cheerful, happy girl. Evelyn loved going to Dublin to see her, she was a laugh a minute.”

Our heart goes out to the families of Aisling Butler, Jane Deasy, Eithne Walls, the unidentified British lady and all of the other victims of this devastating tragedy.

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  • http://Website Connie Childress

    My deepest regrets for the Irish victims Aisling, Jane and Eithne as well as all the others who lost their lives on Flight 447. My prayers are with their loved ones, family and friends who have suffered such a deep loss. It is so surreal and yet I cannot quite understand it all but know that the peace of God that passes all understanding will come someday. After reading about the accompishments of the medical students and all the others who were so brilliant, we as worldwide community have suffered a loss that is unmeasureable.
    Blessings and prayers to you all.
    Connie Childress
    Garland, TX

  • http://Website A.L

    To the families, friends and work colleagues of the 3 girls, it is such a tragic loss that one really doesn’t know where to begin.

    Words will never suffice no matter how kind or well intended. It is almost monthly that we hear of plane crashes and I for one am guilty of never giving it a second thought, until now that is.

    This is the first time that I personally have known someone loose their life in a plane crash and it just consumes my thoughts. I knew all these 3 girls, having worked with them all, we weren’t close friends but rather work mates in a Hospital.

    All I can say is that they were not just beautiful girls, but super people & role models too. They were so excited about medicine and genuinely interested in their patients wellbeing.

    If a stranger can be soo affected, I can not even begin to imagine how those who were close to them are feeling. Thier families and loved ones are close to our hearts today and always as they try to come to terms with their loss.

    To all their friends, colleagues and indeed all that have been touched by their kindness my heart goes out to you all and your loss.

    To the 3 beautiful girls themselves, your lives had value, you gave love and were loved in return, I am just so sorry that it all ended so soon. May you rest in peace.

    With the highest respect to you all, I say goodbye to 3 very beautiful and unique women and say it was a pleasure to have watched you in action as doctors.

  • http://Website AndrewBoldman

    Hi, good post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting.

  • http://Website Mauro

    It is with deep sadness that we have come to learn about the death of so many people. May Jesus, the author of life, pour his graces upon the families so that peace and serenity may reside in their hearts. May their souls rest in peace.

  • http://Website Tim

    Withe deepest sympathy all our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families and friends.

    May the light of God be with those who didn´t survive and guide them to eternal peace. May he take you who are now left back alone by your hands an lead you back to life, remembering every day you shared with your beloved ones.

    No word can describe your grief, your sadness or your pain – but you are not alone, many of us are thinking of you and we are with you every day.

    God bless you all.

    A mass of remembrance will be offered for the victims and the left behind in Dublin, Parish of the Visitation, Fairview, on Friday, June 26th

  • http://Website carmel butler oconnell

    our sympathy to all the family and loved ones in times of such tragedy

  • http://Website Adrian & Fions Sheils

    Our deepest sympathy goes out to John & Evelyn Butler and their daughter Lorna in this sad time for them, may god give them the strenght to continue with life as best threy can and they should be so so proud of their brave daughter and praise her for her major achievements, our thought’s are with you , your family and the families of all the the passengers, crew members onboard.

  • Lucian

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  • Aiden

    Lucian, what exactly are you trying to say? Your comment is barely readable. To post such a thing under an article of this nature is cruel and disrespectful, not to mention downright selfish to use this as a forum to attempt to air your personal views.
    Might I suggest you need to repent for your statement, since you appear to value the word as your use of upper case would suggest.
    This anti European sentiment (from what I can gather by the comment) is ridiculous, have you somehow failed to notice that approx just over half of the passengers were European? Do let us know what exactly the other nationalities have done to offend you.

  • Helena

    It is such a sad event when so many full and fruitful lives are lost. You are all in our Irish hearts.

    Love and God Bless,

  • Varat

    It is a sad tragic news to hear the loss of these young talents. My heart goes out to all the family members of the victims. I pray for them and hope for the best. May the positive merits be with them.

    Varat K.
    Bangkok, Thailand

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