Plane Seats Found Floating

by Jonathan on June 2, 2009

The Brazilian Air Force said on Tuesday that it has found plane seats and other debris floating in the Atlantic Ocean along the path that the missing Air France flight 447 was flying. The plane was carrying 228 people onboard who are all presumed dead.

The seats of the aircraft were spotted by search planes early Tuesday morning. Although the seats haven’t been confirmed as those of AF447, the chances of aircraft seats randomly floating in the Atlantic are slim.

The search team also spotted small white pieces of debris that could be metallic along with oil and kerosene, which is used as jet fuel.

The debris was discovered at about 390 miles northeast of the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha. The zone where the rescuers are searching extends from far off northeastern Brazil to the waters off West Africa.

Investigators worked through the night to try to determine what exactly brought the aircraft down. At this moment, it is not known whether wind, hail, lightning, or a combination of factors that brought down the plane.

Once debris is found and confirmed to be wreckage from the plane, the work will hard. According to French Military spokesperson, Christophe Prazuck, “the research area overhangs an underwater mountain range as big as the Andes. The underwater landscape is very steep”

The investigation could take anywhere from several days to several months. The clock is now ticking to find the aircraft’s data recorders, also know as the black box. The two data recorders are designed to emit signals for up to 30 days .

Source: MSNBC

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