Alexander Bjoroy, 11 – Schoolboy

by Jonathan on June 3, 2009

Alexander Bjoroy is one of the children that died on Air France Flight 447. The 11-year-old was returning to Clifton College Preparatory School in Bristol, United Kingdom after spending some time with his expat parents, Robin and Jane, and his younger sister Charlotte, 9, in Brazil. He was traveling with a chaperon and had been at the school since January 2009.

Prayers were said at the Clifton College preparatory school in Bristol during an assembly on Tuesday. Pupils and teachers at Alexander’s former school in Bogota, Columbia, where his family lived from 2005 to 2007, held a moment of silence.

John Milne, the headmaster at Clifton preparatory school, described Alexander as a “well-liked and respected” student will be sorely missed.

Nicholas Reeves, the head of the British school in Bogota, who also taught Alexander said: “In very little time people came to know him well for his happy demeanor, and charisma. He had a really good sense of humor. He was always laughing and making jokes.”

“He was one of the best students in his year. He also had great sporting abilities and played cricket, baseball, football and rugby.”

“He had many friends because he always participated in everything. He adapted very easily to the Colombian culture, he loved it. In fact his favorite drink was a soft drink made out of tamarind called Colombiana.”

Reeves said that it was “a time of great pain” for the school.

Alexander’s parents said that they were “deeply upset about the loss of our son under such tragic circumstances” and that their thoughts were also with the families and friends of those who were on board.

In the past 15 years, Alexander’s parents have lived in many parts of the world including Colombia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore.

  • Steve Vise

    My heart goes out to Alexander’s parents Robin and Jane, and his younger sister Charlotte. I know you are in a lot of pain and I pray that God gives you that peace “that goes beyond understanding.”

    God bless you,

    Steve Vise

  • http://Website laetitia

    I’m really sad for this young boy, and for all passengers.
    I used to fly (min. 2 times per month) with Air France, and I’m completly sure it’s not the compagny’s fault.
    Now I hope that the truth will be clear quick. That’s the only way for family to anderstand and manage that.
    Kindly regards to all.

  • http://Website Denton

    My sympathy to Alexander’s family, and to all of the passengers on the flight.

    A personal note: I was nearly a passenger on Pan Am 103 which exploded over Scotland in December 1988. Thanks to a late change in my school exam scheduled, I was able to return from Germany to the United States 4 days early, thereby avoiding death.

    I have never forgotten this, and to the families who have lost family and friends, I am truly sorry for the arbitrary fate which has claimed their loved ones.

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    [...] Alexander Bjoroy, 11; British [...]

  • http://Website Gissy

    This is so sad in so many levels I hope his parents will find confort and pray for them
    may this angel rest in peace

  • http://Website Anonymous

    I am greatly sorrowed to find that a kid of his age has come across death. He played for a rugby club in Singapore called Centaurus Rugby Club. We will be holding a moment of silence at our rugby festival/tournament this Saturday. To the family of Alex. I am sorry this had to happen to you. I pray that you will be just fine. And that all will be well for you. God bless.

  • http://Website Denise

    Muito triste o desaparecimento de tantas pessoas com futuro promissor.Um garotinho que nem começou a viver ainda…Sinto por todos!Uma tragédia!

  • http://Website Ramona J. fr Bahrain

    My deepest condolances to the families and friends of Air France flight 447. We are deeply saddened and devastated to hear Alexander Bjoroy was on that fatal flight. We knew Alex when he attended the British School of Houston from 2003 to 2005. Alex was a dear friend to our grandaughter Sarah. The world has lost a beautiful human spirit and my heart and prayers go out to Robin and Jane. God Bless you all.

  • http://Website Jessica

    I have a 10 year old son. I can not imagine dealing with a loss so unexpected and unimaginable. Though there are no words of comfort. Believe that God does not make mistakes, and Alexander is needed more in heaven than here on earth. GOD BLESS you and your family. You are in my prayers

  • rob

    im so sad when ppl lose there lifes in a plane crash esp children who had there whole lifes ahead of them i wish the best dor alex sibbings parents r-i-p

  • http://Website 66th Scouting Group Aradippou Cyprus

    Our deepest condolences for the loss of young Alexander. We will keep a moment of silence at our camping site for his memory.
    May his memory live forever!!

  • ace

    My deepest condolances to the families of the crash and Alexander Bjoroy and his family and sister may god take his soul where there is no more pain r-i p kiddo

  • http://Website Diane

    This is one of the saddest stories I have ever read. While I am deeply sorry for Alexander’s parents, I don’t believe that children should be sent on flights alone just in case something like this should happen. His terror must have been unimaginable and he had to face it alone.

  • http://Website sumayya

    I am mother of three(2 daughters & 1 son) my son is 10 years old-My prayers goes out to Alex and his family and friends…I am very sorry that the world lost a young, bright, and beautiful young angel…I pray that Alex is in peace and a wonderful place call Heaven…and he is in no more pain or horror of that flight….I will always keep his family in my prayers. I know that it is very hard for his mom becze every mother has that special bond with their children-I pray that GOD will touch her heart and take away the pain that she is feeling…..bless you all….RIP Alex….

  • http://Website Christine

    I am sorry that this young life was cut so short. What a lovely little lad. Alex is half Norwegian, just like I am, and there are many people here in Norway who are deeply saddened to learn about this bright little boy and his fate. God bless him and his family. May they take comfort in knowing that many people are thinking of them, and praying for them at this time. Hvil i fred Alexander X

  • Liz

    Such a young bright happy boy ! Shame, it is only with sadness and heartache to loose a child. Especially a young child at the age of 10 years old. May God reach out his hand and comfort his family. May the sorrow and heaviness of your hearts be uplifted with Gods Spirit. This whole world is thinking of you at this time including Africa. Our sincere condolences from the depth of our hearts go out to Alexander X family.

  • Miss Fortune

    Tears as I write this. As a mother to a 4 year old. It is quite breaking to hear about the tragic loss of such a young boy. My goodness this earth. Please let us all wait upon Jesus to remove us from this terrible world. Jesus has alreday received our dearest son at the point of his entry into heaven. May his soul rest in peace.

  • Malisa Reshke

    Out of all the victim’s stories this little boy’s story effected me the most. My heart goes out to his family in their time of grief. I have a ten year old son myself and when I read about Alexander I cried for days. I pray everyday for his family and friends, that they find the strength to deal with their grief.

  • Salem

    my deepest condolences to the families of passengers on board flight AF-447. it was truly horrific and a nightmare for the ones left behind.
    its also extremely important that the cause of the crash must be investigated and known to avoid such disasters in future. the same airbus A330 is still flying with the same frequency despite having a controversy on its speed sensors and quiet a few cases of them malfunctioning in recent history.
    I think there should be more emphasis from the public on Airfrance to investigate the cause and until then ground this plane to avoid future mishaps.

  • Concern09

    Foul play was involved in the crash of a small plane on 3/22/09 in Montana. Foul play was also involved in the crash of Air France flight 447. Foul play was also involved in the crash of a small plane and helicopter over the Hudson. Andy Warhol’s Death and Destruction phase ties in. Expose the cover-up!

  • Merih Biterge

    He used to be my friend in Saudi Arabia.
    God bless him.

  • Nicholas

    Alexander was in my class while he lived in Singapore.
    He was picked on alot by some of the people in my class, I was one if them. I regret everything I did to him, and no matter how bad things were, he was never sad. I always noticed a smile on his face everyday
    I will miss him.

  • kaka

    que DEUS lhes deem conforto e enxugue suas lágrimas não se
    preocupem com Alexander ele se tornou um anjo do senhor.

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