Xiao Xiang, 35 – Scientist, Chinese

by Jonathan on June 3, 2009

The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) has confirmed that Xiao Xiang, one of their associate research fellow of its institute of Engineering Thermophysics, was onboard Air France flight 447 that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on June 1, 2009.

The Beijing office of Air France and other sources were contacted by the institute to make sure that the 35 year old scientist was among the 9 Chinese nationals that were aboard the AF447 flight.

Xiao was a native of China’s Jiangzi Province and was a graduate of Tsinghua University. He was in Brazil working on a research project with the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He was returning to Beijing via the flight to Paris.

Xiao Xang is one of 9 Chinese nationals that was on the flight. The other 8 include a Chinese applicant for the status of investment immigrant in Brazil from eastern China, 6 staffers of Benxi Iron & Steel Co. Ltd., in Benxi City of northeast China’s Liaoning Province, and an employee of the Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd which is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.

Our heart goes out to the families of Xiao Xiang and all of the other victims of this devastating tragedy.

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  • http://Website Mao Ronghai

    As Dr. Xiao Xiang’s friend, I feel deeply sorrow for losing a good friend. His daughter, one and half years old, will have to face this catastrophic disaster throughout her whole life. GOD, please encourage her and her mother, please.

    I wish Xiao Xiang happy in the paradise.

  • http://Website David

    May God bless Dr. Xiang and his family.

  • http://Website M.A. in Oregon, u.s.a

    I am so saddened to see this happen. I am praying for all the people and families involved. I hope that all countries involved or at least several countries will do their own investigations into what caused this to happen. Everyone knows the country I live in can’t be trusted for any reason whatsoever. I hope that all involved will find peace and comfort someday, as only time will allow. If anyone would like to read the truth about world events please visit: rense dot com, globalresearch dot ca, infowars dot com. Please watch internet movies: Zeitgeist the movie, Wake up call, and ENDGAME:Blueprint for global enslavement. There is no church or religion above the TRUTH. Always search for the TRUTH, wherever it may go, whoever it may lead to.

  • lewis

    foto/audio/video wanted.

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