Hatem Zrelli, Wife Audrey, and 2 Kids, Sana and Jassem

by Jonathan on June 4, 2009

Hatem Zrelli, 30, Audrey Zrelli, 27, their two children Sana, 3, and Jassem, were all on board AF447

Hatem Zrelli, 30, Audrey Zrelli, 27, their two children Sana, 3, and Jassem, were all on board AF447

A Tunisian, along with his wife and 2 children were among the victims of Air France flight 447. The man has been identified as Hatem Zrelli, 30. Mr. Zrelli was on vacation in Brazil with his wife Audrey, their 3 year-old daughter, Sana, and 1 year-old son, Jassem.

The family resided in Lyon, France and Mr. Zrelli worked as a control agent for Carrefour. The news was confirmed by Mr. Mouldi Zrelli, the father of Hatem.

The hope for the family at this point is to find the bodies of the family so that they can be given a proper burial in Tunisia.

Listen to (in French and Arabic) Mr. Mouldi Zrelli, father of Hatem Zrelli below

Source: Mosaique FM

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    Danish victim: http://politiken.dk/newsinenglish/article723895.ece

    Christiane Zeuthen, a trainee shock and trauma therapist from Southern Jutland, Denmark was one of the passengers on board Air France Flight AF 447.

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    Two Swedish victims. Christina Badre-Schnabl and her 5 year old son Philippe.

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    Another Swedish woman Laura Rahal, living in Norway on her first business trip to Brazil.


  • AF447

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I have added her information to the site: Christiane Zeuthen

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    The Last Resital in Rio.
    I’m very deeply sad for all victims, and here is, one of them Turkish musicien -harp player Fatma Ceren Necipoğlu,37 had been invited to Rio to give a concert by Fourth Rio Harp Festival.


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    allah yar7emehom wa ya5fer lahom wayoskinahom aljanna.wa yarzo9 ahlahou jamila assabr wasselwan.

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    I can not stop my tears , May Allah achieve their family hope and their bodies are found .

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    i am very sorry about your loss

  • http://Website Atay Cetin

    May Allah rest all there souls in peace. Ruhuna el Fatiha

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    May Allah make easy on your family and give them peace Inchallah.Ameen.

  • Fadi

    I am so sorry for your Loss…May all their souls rest in peace!!

  • Maureen

    My thoughts and prayers goes out to the family of AF447, may the good Lord bless and keep you all through this most difficulty time.

  • Suhood

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all families of AF447. May the Almighty Allah bless and keep you all through this most difficulty time.

  • Elizabeth Osselmeier

    How unfortunate that a family has been lost. No trace, I am praying that more bodies will be found. My prayers for a recovery are with you.

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