2 More Travelers Missed Air France 447

by Jonathan on June 5, 2009

2 more people are lucky to be alive today after not getting on the flight 447.

Andrej Aplinc is lucky to be alive because he got to the airport early. Andre, a 39-year-old Slovenian sailor and father of two was saved because his cab driver was in a hurry to see a soccer match. Aplinc was supposed to be on flight 447, but he learned that there were no seats with enough legroom for him to stretch out his bum knee. Since he arrived at the airport early, he was able to board an earlier 4pm flight, which did have roomy seats for his knee.

“It was such huge luck that I flew with that earlier plane,” Aplinc said from his home in Radelj Ob Dravi in northeastern Slovenia.
The other lucky person is Gustavo Ciriaco. Gustavo is a 39-year-old Brazilian choreographer and dancers who was on his way to Europe for two weeks of rehearsal for his next ballet. He arrived to the airport late for his 4pm flight (the same flight that Aplinc was switched to) and the airline agents couldn’t find his seat with the gate about to close.

After pleading with the airline agents to let him on the plane, they finally discovered the seating error and relented and let Mr. Ciriaco on board the earlier 4pm flight.

If the reservation mix-up hadn’t been resolved, “I would have tried to take the following flight because I would have arrived in Paris with enough time to catch my connection,” Ciriaco said.

That next flight would have been Air France 447.

  • http://Website vee

    This is strange – when you hear of a car accident do you say how you could have travelled the same road. When its your time its yout time

  • http://Website Steve Simmons

    With age and escape from such tragedy (we just never know when or where), comes the realisation that we must strive to value, enjoy and treasure every good second that we do have in our life. It can all go so wrong.
    Deepest condolences to those left with the loss. Hopefully time and words of comfort will help towards easing your sadness and pain.

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