2 Bodies Recovered From Air France 447 Crash

by Jonathan on June 6, 2009

Search crews have recovered two bodies in the Atlantic Ocean on Saturday. The bodies were recovered about 40 miles from where the Air France aircraft last gave its position before disappearing on June 1, 2009. The Brazilian military has confirmed the findings, which appears to be the first physical evidence of the crash that killed all 228 on board.

The Brazilian air force also recovered a blue airplane seat, a briefcase, and a leather folder which contained an airplane ticket, an oxygen mask, and a backpack. Air France has confirmed that that the plane ticket did belong to a passenger on the jet. The blue airplane seat contained a serial number, which Brazilian officials have sent to Air France to confirm that the it did indeed come from the plane. The backpack that was recovered contained a laptop and a vaccination card.

The items were found 420 miles north of the Fernando de Noronha islands, 220 miles off the northeast coast of Brazil.

“When we started out we concentrated on finding survivors, but that was not possible,” Jorge Amaral, the assistant head of the Air Force’s Press Office told reporters in the northeastern city of Recife, according to the Brazilian Web site, ig.com. “Then we started looking for debris, survivors and bodies. But it is only today that we have had a positive, albeit sad, result. But that has brought us the certainty that our work was done properly.”


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