Arden Jugueta, 41, Filipino – Ship Mechanic

by Jonathan on June 6, 2009

Arden Jugueta, 41, Filipino - Ship Mechanic, was on his way home for vacation and to spend time with his wife and 3 children.

Arden Jugueta, 41, Filipino - Ship Mechanic, was on his way home for vacation and to spend time with his wife and 3 children.

The lone Filipino on board Air France Flight 447 has been identified as Arden Jugueta. Arden, 41 worked as a mechanic for Elborge Ship Management, an Italian shipping firm based in Brazil. He has worked as a seaman for 18 years.

Arden Jugueta was on his way home because he had planned a family reunion in time for the birthday celebration of his mother, son, and a nephew on June 5th. He also had planned to extend his vacation until after celebrating his 42nd birthday on July 9.

“I still believe that he is alive,” said Miguela Jugueta, 41, wife of Arden Jugueta. Miguela told The Star that she and Arden talked and saw each other via an online video chat session when he was in Rio de Janeiro, minutes before he boarded his flight.

“Before he boarded he said he would text me when he got to Paris” said Miguela. But instead of receiving a text from Arden, she received a call from an official at her husband’s company informing her that flight 447 had gone missing.

Miguela is very disappointed with what has happened but are still keeping hope alive. She said that she feels that her husband survived the crash and trusts his instincts and swimming skills. “He’s a seaman and a good swimmer” she said.

She also prayed that if her husband did indeed pass away, they want his body recovered so that they can at least give him a decent burial in Bulacan, Philippines.

Arden was married with 3 kids, Argel, 20, Aleli, 17, and Arden Jr., 15.

  • http://Website kat mallari

    our deepest condolences to the family of our fellow Filipino and to all the rest of the passengers who were a part of the doomed Air France flight 447. Our hertfelt prayers goes out to all of you and all your loved ones you have left behind.

  • http://Website bella caleja

    May the soul of the lone filipino casualty of flight 447 rest in peace and may the bereaved family of ka Arden be comforted by God’s words in the sriptures…” weeping will endure in the night but joy comes in the morning”……
    God Bless…

  • http://Website Ian Bilaro from Minnesota USA

    Our hearts goes out in sympathy to your loss & family. We will pray fo him. Be strong kabayan…

  • Carlan Luna

    …i would like to extend my deepest condolences to the family of the lone Filipino that with AirFrance 447.This tragic event would make us realize that we really can’t assure of our tomorrow.We must value our life and as early as possible we should express our love to each and everyone around us.

  • http://Website Eileen

    our deepest condolences. God has his plan. Just put your trust in him.

  • http://Website Antonios Antoniou – Cyprus

    Our deepest condolences to the families.
    May the God give them the strength to handle these difficult times.
    The memory of the loved ones let it be forever.

  • http://Website RRM@DXB

    Condolences to all the families of the victims especially to the family of our fellow kababayan, Arden Jugueta. May God give you the courage & strength to cope well.

  • http://Website Sherlene Vijandre

    My deepest condolences to the family of Arden Jugueta. May he rest in peace.
    Keep in mind that God has reasons for everything. God bless your family!

  • http://Website Mary;anne Mc;Cutcheon

    I could not help but shed a tear whenever I read updates about the fate of AF447…I could imagine….how worst everyone was feeling at that very moment…definitely the worst of the worst…definitely thinking of their families on the ground….that they would never see them…they never had the chance to say goodbye with their loved ones…knowing they were on a certain life-threatening situation…I pray for the consolation of the bereaved families…and that they maybe enough strength…to carry on…God bless all the families…

  • Gina Balagon

    Deepest sympathy to the family of the Filipino casualty in the Air France flight 447 and all the families of the other passengers during this difficult time.

  • arnold@dxb

    my deepest sympathy to the family of kabayan arden may his soul rest in peace..

  • OFW SG

    My deepest condolences to the family of Arden Jugueta. Phil Gov’t wake up!!! how many Filipino need to die to show the abnomality of our gov’t, they sacrifise and go abroad to work to feed their self and families. If we have good Gov’t no filipino will go abroad for work.

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