Arthur Coakley, 61, English – Oil Worker for PDMS

by Jonathan on June 7, 2009

Arthur Coakley, 61 Engineer for PDMS

Arthur Coakley, 61 Engineer for PDMS

Oil worker Arthur Coakley, 61, from North Yorkshire, England, was dreaming of his imminent retirement the day that he boarded Air France flight 447. He and his wife, Patricia, had plans to buy a yacht and a house in Corfu, Greece. He was a husband and a father of 3.

Arthur was in Brazil working as an engineer for PDMS, an Aberdeen based oil company. He was scheduled to fly home on May 19, but was asked to stay a bit longer to help with a survey.

”Art was supposed to be on the flight before nine o’clock, but that flight was fully booked so they put him on a later flight. He phoned and said: ‘I’m on a later flight but it gets into Teesside Airport at the same time.”, said his wife, Patricia.

Patricia, is now coming to terms with the likelihood that her 61 year-old husband is not coming back.

”He’s not coming back, is he?” she said. “Yesterday I was really optimistic, today maybe more realistic. I would love him to come back. I just keep hoping he’ll walk round the corner with four weeks’ dirty washing.”

Mrs Coakley went on: “He was fabulous, he really was. You can ask anyone about Art, they will all tell you ‘He’s great’.

The couple met and married within 3 months and has been together for 34 years.

The 3 children, Dominic, 31, Patrick, 29, and Mise, 25, shared their mother’s devastation. “They are distraught. They absolutely idolized and worshiped their father. He worked so hard for his family. All he wanted was to retire. It’s not going to happen, is it?”

Patricia last spoke to her husband shortly before take-off. He called and said “Hello darling, I’m at the airport. I’ve checked my luggage in. I’m going through”.

  • http://Website Kristin

    My heart goes out to all who have lost a loved one in this terrible tragedy. Mrs Coakley and her family have lost their husband and father in such a cruel way. I can only hope that they recieve support and much love from the people that surround them. I do not know this family, but this accident and the fate of the passengers has affected me deeply. Please know that my heart and my love goes out to all who have lost. My thoughts are with you !

  • Dinorah

    I feel alot of pain even tho I didn’t know anyone on the flight but I read daily and hope that there was survivors there is a hinch in my heart that there is someone out there that can tell us what happened that day. But I want you all to know my thoughts are with all of you and your lost ones and hope that you and all your families recieve support from families and friends. God Bless You

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