Italian who missed AF 447 flight dies in car crash

by Jonathan on June 10, 2009

An Italian woman who arrived to the airport late for the fatal Air France flight 447 has died in a car accident, according to ANSA news agency.

Johanna Ganthaler, a pensioner from the Bolzano-Bozen Province (South Tyrol, Italy) and her husband, Kirk, were on vacation in Brazil and missed flight 447 after arriving to the airport late. They were able to board a later flight and avoided being victims of the horrible crash.

The couple rented a car in Munich, Germany and decided to drive home to Italy. On their way home, while driving through Kufstein, Austria, their car ended up in the opposite lane and they had a head on collision with a truck.

The woman died at the hospital that she was taken to. Her husband is still in critical condition.

That is such a sad story. You escape death in one tragic accident only to die in another a few days later.

  • http://Website valon

    The final destination

  • http://- Tilda

    I am beginning to believe that it is a person’s fate to die on a certain date and everything was predestined for the person to die.
    If one has to die, there’s nothing one can do about it…his/her fate is already written in his/her destiny. Sad but that’s life.

  • Scorpio Redhead

    Well that sure sucks! Though they do say you are more likely to perish in an auto accident than an airplane accident…

  • http://Website Gracie (from ARGENTINA)

    Just incredible!!! “Double bad-luck” or Destiny??? “To be…or NOT to be….that is the question.”

    It is horrible that passengers means NOTHING to aircraft companies!!! Many different types of planes have been having trouble with their speed sensors since 1996!!!

  • http://Website Michaelf

    rumor, nothing mentioned in ANSA

  • http://Website Sam
  • http://Website rohan

    everything is written we are just following law of Karma
    I mean 1 week before she missed that flight and 2nd week again she met with an accident
    Its all destiny

  • http://n/a Miranda

    Wow this is like when you cannot cheat death. Reminds me of the final destination movies

  • Neha

    Eeeeewwww…!!! Thats so creepy….. No one can escape Fate…..!!!

  • http://Website stephen

    this has to be a spoof, it would be elsewhere..

  • http://Website mama

    very sorry for her but it is her time and she just can’t stop it.

  • Atul Mathur

    I don’t think this is destiny. This is fear psychosis. They were obviously harassed by what had happened and how they had just escaped because of pure luck. And in that state, they probably did not focus enough on their car drive, as they were still too disturbed. It is very disappointing, but probably opens up a new theory of what the government should do – people who just miss big accidents by such fluke should be taken care of as well for a while.

    What’s more, from the looks of it, they took a car because they were probably afraid to fly.

    “The couple rented a car in Munich, Germany and decided to drive home to Italy. On their way home, while driving through Kufstein, Austria, their car ended up in the opposite lane and they had a head on collision with a truck.”

    Makes it look like they were paranoid of taking a flight and hence they took a car

    Atul Mathur

  • krishna

    A Sheer bad time on the part of that women. In b/w is there any official announcement of this news if so I Pray her soul rest in peace


  • http://Website Jacob winn

    People, it’s a classic urban myth created to perpetuate a belief in destiny. Do some research.

  • http://Website J

    How long after the airplane accident should she had died so that it wasn’t “destiny”? A week? A month? If she died from cancer 5 months after the accident, was it still fate? It is everyone’s fate to die. That she died so soon after the other accident is mere coincidence.

  • An Italian woman who missed Air France Flight 447

    An Italian woman who missed Air France Flight 447, which crashed in the Atlantic, has died in a car crash.

  • http://Website Emily

    We say that the hour of death cannot be forecast. But when we say this, we imagine that the hour is placed in an obscure and distant future. It never occurs to us that it has any connection with the day already begun, or that death could arrive this same afternoon.

  • http://Website Wally

    You all claiming it is destiny, fail to account for her husband. He is still alive. He too was scheduled to be on Flt. 447. So, fate has not caught up with him, yet?

  • http://Website Wargarble

    What a bunch of idiots. If they DIDN’T die in a car crash everyone would be saying “Oh, it’s fate, it’s destiny that they didn’t die, amazing”

    Those retards probably drove back because they were scared or superstiscious but they should have used logic and their brains and realized that even though one airplane crashed, flying is still magnitudes safer than driving.

  • Michael

    Sad story, rubbish comments. There is not such thing as fate. Even if her husband had died as well, which if you RTFA you’d see he didn’t die, this coincidence proves absolutely nothing. Keep your faith as just that, a personal belief but do not insult others with assinine declarations that this womans death proves the supernatural world controls our lives.

  • Jake

    This is fake.

  • http://Website Bi Hia

    Don’t you think you can escape when the time comes?

    God Bless …

  • http://Website Mishkin

    It is a rare coincidence. That’s is all.

  • http://Website Michael

    Please Tilda, “fate is already written”? There is not such thing as fate. Even if her husband had died as well, which if you read the article you’d see he didn’t die, this coincidence proves absolutely nothing. Keep your faith as just that, a personal belief. Do not insult others with assinine declarations that this womans death proves the supernatural world controls our lives.

  • http://Website Ivanmarsh

    Perhaps she was the original target?

  • http://none Aaron

    Tilda, that is because you are a gullible idiot. There is no such thing as destiny. Millions of people narrowly miss death every year. A few of them will have to die soon after that due to basic probability. When that happens they make the news and the millions that lived long happy lives do not. This causes gullible people like you to think it was their day to die and destiny choose that day for them. What actually happened is simply bad luck. With over 6 billion people on this planet we have a massive sample size for tons of strange things to happen that could be billion to one shots that make the news. This is nothing more than a random occurrence that had to happen to someone at some point due to the enormous size of the human population.

  • http://Website Max

    Anyone who mentions the words ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’ in these comments is an idiot. Coincidence, nothing more.

  • http://Website JS

    There was even a movie with that plot. Anyone remember the title…?

  • http://Website Fate Huh

    Fate huh? So, were we all destined to read this for some fateful reason?? I missed a flight one time, and it landed on time. Was I destined to miss my appointment that day?? I thought it was just cause I was lazy and didn’t get up on time. I haven’t missed a flight or an appt. since….

    Come on guys, its a tragic accident. Atul may have hit the nail on the head. Give it time, they’ll release the accident report. They could have been exhausted from missing a flight that left late at night in Brazil, waited for the next flight they could get, been running on no sleep and fell asleep at the wheel. Truth is, nobody knows yet!

  • http://Website Awesomeness

    Atul Mathur:

    Let’s go over some of your points:

    1. “It is very disappointing, but probably opens up a new theory of what the government should do – people who just miss big accidents by such fluke should be taken care of as well for a while.”

    So the government should hire “mommy’s” to come hold your hand after something scary happens? Please!! The government is already too involved in our lives.

    2. “What’s more, from the looks of it, they took a car because they were probably afraid to fly.”

    Did you even read the article. It’s not that long, how did you miss the part that says they boarded a later flight?

    3. Stop trying to theorize and sound intelligent – you’re an idiot.

  • http://Website beas

    thats very final destination

  • http://Website Andy

    I’ll order the fate of death with a twist of irony please..

    my prayers to the fallen.

  • http://Website Drift

    Even if this really did happen, you’re gullible if you’re spouting anything about fate. You’ve watched too much television and haven’t done enough critical thinking.

  • http://Website keith

    Tilda, you are an idiot. What makes you believe that people are destined to die on a certain day? Do you read a lot of Astrology or something? You have no evidence of this. It just “makes sense” to you. I can’t stand people that just believe things on faith because it makes them feel fuzzy inside.

    If I were to go up to another person that missed the 447 flight and shot them in the head, would you then say that it was MY destiny to shoot them and that it was all just laid out? No. My actions would have caused their death. Their (or the other driver’s) poor driving lead to their death, not some force or god that thought “their number was up”. Also, do you know that TIME IS RELATIVE? So on Earth time moves at a different speed then, let’s say a black hole? So, if I died in a black hole, which “day” was I supposed to die on?

    Think about things before you believe in them.

    in a limited, small way. I am sure you are a religious person. You don’t question or act sceptical, you just ACCEPT.

    If it were “predestined” that she was to die “on a certain day”

    then it would have happened, right? Well, if it DIDN’T then I guess that throws the whole destiny thing out the window.
    It’s nice to believe in things because the

  • http://Website justme

    Not a rumor: here’s the link to the page (in italian).

  • http://Website Gina

    IF this story is true, then Atul Mathur has the right idea. There is no destiny, no fate.

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  • http://Website Steve

    This is tragic. But it is simply a coincidence.

  • planes, death, and automobiles « Marc and Cat’s World

    [...] death, and automobiles Jump to Comments kids, once again this is a lesson that cars are not as safe as planes, but bad luck is the unsafest of [...]

  • http://Website Anil Raj

    I agree with Atul Mathur.
    Its just that they were afraid of flying and then you can’t drive a car properly.

    Moreover, this is just a coincidence.
    Those who believe in fate, would had said the same thing, if she was alive.

    So, fate is something which happens in real life.

  • http://Website Stephen

    Urban myth huh? Didn’t know major news networks cover them as top stories? Ha Ha

  • http://Website stephen

    May they all rest in peace.. Those poor peoples last minutes must have been worse than hell as that plane sheared apart. God Bless them all.

  • http://Website Confirmation Bias

    Fate? Destiny? When people survive its a miracle and it was their destiny to live. When people survive and then die later its just fate and they were destined to die. This sounds ridiculous. In both cases you subscribe it to destiny, so irregardless of any outcome to the same event the answer just becomes destiny anyway. This just sounds like confirmation bias.

  • http://Website JOhnny Cash

    Wow dude, when its time, its time I guess.

  • http://Website Jessica

    WE ARE ALL BORN TO DIE…. NO MATTER WHAT DAY OR WHAT MONTH…AFTER ANY TRAGIDY OR AFTER AN AFTERNOON NAP…YOU NEVER KNOW>>>> Treat everyday as your last..tell everyone that you care about how much they mean to you…This could be the last post you read before a car comes slamming through your living room!

  • http://Website stayclassyamerica

    Okay, knock it off with the destiny shit. Clearly they were driving drowsy and fell asleep, as a result of prior circumstances probably. There is no unexplainable mystery here.

  • Erick Peter

    It is strange, I read online the newspaper of Alto Aldige (Italian region where there are from) and there is a different version, they wrote the couple decided to fly with the other airline by choice , to arrive in Munich and not in Paris, easier for them to drive to Italy and not the story they missed AF plane so….
    Still destiny! my blog:

  • Laura

    this reminds me of that movie… what was it called?

  • Of Morons and Mysticism « Following the Die

    [...] has been a lot of internet chatter about the Air France passenger who missed her flight only to be killed days later in a car crash. Another story remarks how some people got away “lucky” by missing their [...]

  • http://Website Pastor Frankie Tuttle

    Why I know That There is a God and That He Loves Me

    A Personal Testimony.

    Years ago doubt was creeping into my head about the Lord and then a miracle happened.

    Three years ago 100 members of my church were enroute to a bible camp in the Blueridge Mountains of Virginia. They were traveling in a chartered bus. As they sang hymns, Satan was up to his old tricks. You see, the bus driver was an atheist alcoholic socialist and that day he was filling his coffee mug with vodka. As the bus wound up through the switchbacks, the driver got progressively drunker. Then it happened. It was that day that changed this poor sinner’s life forever. Entering a particularly tight switchback, the besotted driver finally lost control of the bus and it plummeted 1500 feet down into a ravine where it exploded into a fireball incinerating the flock. The only survivor that day was a young boy who was thrown from the bus by his father seconds before it hit the bottom.

    This young boy suffered severe brain damage from hitting a rock head first and will have to wear a football helmet and drool cup for the remainder of his life. But his survival proved to me that miracles do happen because God does exist and loves me. The Lord used that accident to bring me back to his flock.


    Praise Jesus! Just open your eyes to his miracles and you will see them everywhere.

  • wat no wai

    This reminds me of the story about the cop who was shot in the chest and the bullet missed his heart and vital arteries by mere centimeters.

    But you cannot escape destiny…sixty years later he had a stroke and died.

  • http://Website Anti-Jacob!

    Jacob should practise what he preaches! Doing some ‘research’ on Google by entering her name shows this is a real story. Eg result has a photo of their crashed car. However its not that remarkable people die all the time. By this time next year a few more people who missed it may have died too. Big deal.

  • http://Website G. Jackson

    If one has to die, there’s nothing one can do about it…his/her fate is already written in his/her destiny

    Uh, yeah, we kinda all die at some point, you know. Duh.

  • http://Website vuyokazi johnson

    This is a sad story ever since in my life. may God comfot all those who lost their beloved ones. and guide the serching crew in Atlantic Ocean.

  • http://Website HAPPINESS KUZOTSA


  • http://Website Tom Fannings

    Just a coincidence of course. This is a chaotic world – it would be wierder if things like this *didn’t* happen from time to time.

  • http://Website K.Bircan

    Can the Air France Crash Be Solved With No Black Box?,8599,1904110,00.html?xid=rss-world-cnn

  • http://Website K.Bircan
  • http://Website K.Bircan


  • http://Website hausser

    whow, so there is a plan when we should die … or … wait … what about the people that miss a flight that crashes and live on …

  • http://Website Mike

    “I am beginning to believe that it is a person’s fate to die on a certain date and everything was predestined for the person to die.”

    Why? Sounds pretty retarded to me… Don’t you think “coincidence” is a much more reasonable explanation?

  • http://Website vivi

    Don’t put yourself into an argument like its FD, Kurma sorry karma, fate,…. other non sense. Just enjoy the life as it goes. Don’t form theory in life. If so its bull shit

  • http://Website Krishna

    Fate? Mystery? any ways a sad destiny??? How-ever it is events were like watching the movie “Final Destination”

  • http://Website Latisha

    We must thank God for letting us see another day. I’m not making lite of this very sad unfortunate situation, but this confirms if it’s your time to Go, It’s your time to Go. The associate pastor at my church, is always saying we’re going to check out of here someday, but we better make sure where we checking into. HEAVEN or hell!!!!

  • http://Website Maximilian

    I will try & watch the survivors further fate though. Hope they will not repeat the story of the “Final Destination” trilogy.

  • http://Website Tony

    Oh the irony

  • Air France Flight 447 » » Server Outage + Site Update

    [...] want to apologize for yesterday’s server outage. The article about the Italian woman who missed flight 447 and later died in a car crash was mentioned on, and lots of people were talking about it on Twitter [...]

  • http://Website Reader

    That is what Islam teaches…”The pens [that wrote our destiny] have been lifted and the ink has been dried”.
    Sorry if u minded me saying that…your comment just reminded me of that~~!

  • http://Website Srinivas Kalyanapu

    Its really heart touching painful incident . But no one can escape once god decided our destiny….I am praying god to give peace to their soul that who lost their lives in Terrible Air France Flight Crash….

  • http://Website Alex

    Well, obviously obviously it was not time for her husband to die…so instead of them flying both on that plane that crashed, which had meant that they both die….God made them miss the flight so that the lady dies alone. It is fate….when one’s day and time to leave world calls, nothing can stop it.

  • http://Website K.Bircan

    “Flight 447 mystery likely to cast shadow over Paris Air Show”

  • http://Website Prabal Basak

    The world is instrumented & mechanized by GOD, his supremacy can be visible at every where, so Ms.Johanna Ganthaler , how he can escape from it. In the world every thing is pre-decided and pre-determined.
    Always we should love & respect our GOD, it may be form of Christian or Muslim or Hindu or Buddhism or any thing else. We should not forget every second that some oneis watching on us. Just trust his supremacy and keep a good faith, and believe the world is beautiful so he can not do any bad things for us, we are just child for him.

  • http://Website K.Bircan

    ” French air crash probe: ‘no link yet’ to sensors ”

  • http://Website K.Bircan

    ” Air France mystery: possible clue in Qantas near-miss ”

  • http://Website MOOOsTEEER

    people are so dumb.. talking bout fate this fate that.. if she was meant to die but her husband wasn’t then why didnt they get into the accident going to the airport..and for the ones that talking bout the movie final destination get into reality why didnt the rest of the people who miss the flight die..and i am catholic but i believe that god put us on this world but he leaves the choice to us to live how we want too and that destiny is all based on actions of ourselves or others.

  • http://Website PI Carlton

    These are the last days and time of sorrow, you will see a lot of people dying at one time. When it is your time to die there is nothing you can do about it, she would have died on the plan or car, it didn’t matter when or how she died, it was her time to go. It was not her husbands time to go. Death came after her. God calls, we go.

  • http://Website ngo

    May her soul rest in perfect peace Amen!I wish her husband a speedy recovery and God’s guidiance.please air cooperate officials do your home works.stop waiting until such catastrophe happens to mandate these air lines to update/overhall these air crafts

  • http://Website Prem Kumar

    a pure story line on which so many persons wasting time.

    Even it happens in actuality what is so big deal ? why an aeroplane & a car can not meet with accident within 48 hours of time span ?

    It is not a matter of final destination, luck, karma etc. etc.
    Pl apply your rational thinking not emtional co-efficients.

    Thank you

  • http://Website KayG

    I was a Flight Attendant for Pan Am for many years, and the bombing of flt. 103 over Lockerbee Scotland was also a horrible tragedy that I’ll never forget. A friend, only 20 years old at the time, lost her life on that flight. The bodies were also found intact. There seem to be some similarities…I hope the Air France was not an act of terror as well.
    As far as coping with such a tragedy and over-coming your fears and getting back on a plane, esp. when you have to for your job, I looked at it as “fate” after that. It was the only way I could go on and do my job after some so awful comes so close to your life (I worked the same routes, and the bomb could have been on my plane out of Frankfurt, where it originated, as there were three other failed attempts before that one).
    The idea that we are led by fate makes it easier to cope with life, however, I too am about to head out by car from Munich to Italy (with my family), AND I flew across the Atlantic the SAME night that this tragedy took place! Hopefully it’s all coincidence…I’m a bit superstitious too… :(

  • Heidi Wadlinger

    Dear KayG, I can only imagine all that you feel after what you have experienced. My own life has had it’s difficult times as we all do. Time will help to build your confidence. Though I have found that drawing closer to God has been what really changed the way I look at this life. We all know that each of us has a certain number of days in which to live. When you get to know God, you come to learn how very much He loves you and cares for you and actually yearns for you to know Him. When our time is finished here in these bodies, our spirit continues to live on and be with Him. ‘To be in His presence’ has been a rather new concept for me though I was raised in church. I didn’t realize there was so much more to God and feel like I have only scratched the surface of knowing Him on an intimate level. Let me just say that He really does love you and have a plan for your life. Rest in knowing that. In the book of Jeremiah (New Living Translation), chapter 29, verse 11, it says, ‘”For I know the plans I have for you”, says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”‘ I will be praying for you. Heidi W.

  • http://idontknow georgina

    i love u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxx

  • trish

    Ahhh.. yeah i would have to say that when its your time , apparently death will get you one way or another… either that or its just a coincidence.. (SP)…. def. reminded me of the final destination movies… Its really sad to think about though!… how people in her family must have been sighing from relief.. to only lose her a short time later… so sad… God Bless!

  • ME

    When God calls you home….it’s time to go…can’t escape his calling.

  • Gareth

    If it’s destiny for a person to die on a certain date, how come she died days later? And how come her husband didn’t die, despite presumably having the same ‘fate’? Perhaps he was destined to be the only survivor of Flight AF477…
    Or perhaps they felt so invincible after luckily escaping death that they were still on a high and weren’t driving as cautiously as they normally would.
    Or perhaps a wizard did it.

  • Me

    crazy, just like Final destination: Alex browning gets a premonition that the plane will explode after take off and gets off with 6 other students. they all die in mysterious circumstances in the same order as they would have if they stayed on the plane. thats the jist of it..

  • It’s a secret

    This reminds me of final destination in fact i am watchingg it at the moment it’s like this guy has a premaniton not to fly on the plane and gets everyone off. But everyone who gets off the plane ends up dying a tragic death but this time its one by one. So It is alot like the movie only this isn’t fiction, and in the movie it says that death has a specific pattern and if you dont go the time it wants you it wont let you leave its grasps until it gets you so it really makes you think but then again it is a movie but what a freak accident*.It really makes you think.So when its your time to go it’s your time to go.

    Rest in peace all those who’s lives were takin away that day.

  • It’s a secret

    exactly like final destinaton.

  • R. Cardona

    "The car ended up on the opposite lane"…? I beg to differ. I am sure the dirver took a risk somehow and lost. Most car accidents are caused by action or inaction from part of the driver. This can, and does, end up as a car crash the main cause being impatience and lack of awareness of the high level of danger involved. Passing vehicles can be exteremely risky. In unfamiliar roads this level rises significantly. Please, take your time when driving. Speeding usually just wastes fuel with very little time savings. It is just not worth it. Obey traffic rules. They are there for our communal safety. OK?

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