Fake AF447 photos

by Jonathan on June 21, 2009

There are some pictures circulating around the net claiming to be from the memory stick of a camera that was recovered. These pictures show some passengers in the aircraft with half of the aircraft missing.

These images are not from AF447. They are from the TV show LOST.

Please don’t feed the fire and circulate these images. It has gotten so bad that a Bolivian news show actually ran a story about these images in one of their shows. A Dutch radio station also thought that the images were real and posted them on their website.

For the record, these images are not real, and don’t believe anyone who tries to tell you that they are.

  • Jessica

    I just wanted to point out, I saw those pictures, and they obviously couldn’t be the air france flight, that flight went down at night, and those pictures (which are fake) show a daytime sunny sky.

  • K.Bircan TR

    Yes ,Jessica exactly you are right! I thought same things, agree with you , obviously we know that is,the Accident happened at the over night, there were not a sunny and cloudy weather at the night. Some people should be silly !

  • AF447

    The sad part is that some news site actually fell for this and reported it as news, just to get the “exclusive” photos. If they would’ve just put 1 and 1 together.

  • VEEN

    Those who created this email are damn SICK!! how could they make fun for ppls life!!

  • Dom

    unfortunately for the news company its not even about real or fake, only about numbers..

  • John Sternan

    The truly sad part of this kind of thing is many of the news organizations no longer care about reporting the facts; rather, they are interested in money, publicity, and ratings.

    They have no moral compass at all and belong with the trolls and bottom feeders.

  • Anthony

    You know these “Air France” photos are just stills from the opening credits of the TV show “Lost”… Its on You Tube…
    Nice try fakers…

  • Maria

    Those who came up with this lie are sick and want people to believe that during an aircraft crash someone would be focusing on taking photos while half of the plane is gone!! and how come others are dead and the photographer is still alive! this is a big a lie…instead, let’s pray for all those who passed away on that doomed flight…may they rest in peace after the terrible moments they lived before the plane crashes…I always have tears in m y eyes everytime i read a story about those passengers :( :(

  • Jessica

    Well said all. I feel the same way. It’s frightening to think that actual news stations reported those photos, and honestly, who would want to see them? Although they are proven not to be from the ill fated air france flight, they illustrate something similar to what probably happened, and no one needs those images in their heads, especially not the family members. If those new stations correctly did their job and investigated those photos, or used common sense at all, they would have ruled them out immediately. I doubt that the victims of the crash had enough time to try to figure out what was going on and how to save themselves, let alone stand up in the cabin and snap pictures. With the apparent force of the wind pulling the plane apart and sucking someone out of it, I doubt anyone could stand up, let alone hold a camera and take accurate pictures. And I feel the same way Maria, every time I read an article I am overwhelmed with empathy and sadness for the victims and families, and to be honest, I have had nightmares of airplane crashes every single night this week.

  • Naresh

    A B737 had a mid air collision with the Embraer Legacy while cruising at 35,000 feet over South America . The Embraer Legacy, though seriously damaged with the winglet ripped off, managed to make a landing at a nearby airstrip in the midst of the Amazon jungle. The crew and passengers of the Embraer Legacy had no idea what they had hit. The B737
    however crashed, killing all crew and passengers on board.

    The photos were apparently taken by one of the passengers in the B737, just after the collision and before the aircraft crashed. The photos were retrieved from the camera’s memory stick. In the first photo, there is a gaping hole in the fuselage through which you can see the tailplane and vertical fin of the aircraft. In the second photo, one of the passengers is being sucked out of the gaping hole.

  • Jessica


    They are from the tv show Lost.

  • Aloushy

    Who in the world would be taking pictures while they’re in the middle of an air crash??? Just common sense…Also, the plane looks too small to be an A33o, also it had crashed at night not day time…..

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