Juliana de Aquino, 29, Brazilian – Singer/Actress

by Jonathan on June 21, 2009

Juliana de Aquino Born on the 2nd of march in Brasilia- Brazil., Juliana de Aquino started her musical education at the age of 4. She studied piano at IMDF, musical singing with maestro Marconi Araujo and classical singing with Aeda Moreira and at Universidade de Brasília. She also took part at singing workshops with Richard Lissemore and acting workshops with Steve Markusfel.

At the age of 15, Juliana de Aquino had her debut as a solo artist and in 2001 released the cd “Primeira Vez”.

After playing many roles in Brazil, Juliana de Aquino had the opportunity to take part at the German production of “The Lion King” in Hamburg from 2003 until 2007.

In 2008, she played the role of Maria Magdalena in Jesus Christ Superstar at the Stadttheater Klagenfurt, Austria.At the time of the crash, Juliana was visiting her family in Brazil, she was on route to Stuttgart, Germany, to work on the musical ‘Wicked’.

Juliana de Aquino was active on the web. She had a website, a Youtube channel, a Myspace page, and a Twitter page. Her last tweet was on May 17, when she said “I love being at home”. Her two prior tweets prior to her last was in reference to going to Brazil. On May 10, her tweet said “Getting ready to go to Brasil!!!”, and on May 8, she tweeted “Getting ready to defy gravity”.

Please listen to some of her work below, especially the first one, If You Could. She had a beautiful voice!

Juliana de Aquino on the web: Website | Youtube Channel | Myspace | Twitter

  • Erika

    What a gifted and beautiful woman….an inspiration to many I am sure. Your voice sounds like an angel, may you rest in peace…xxx

  • Elizabeth Osselmeier

    We have expereinced a great lost in this beautiful talent. There must have been a reason for this doomed flight. The Good Lord hears even the faint cry of a raven.

  • http://Website Rami

    You know Elizabeth, I don’t know Juliana personally but after reading about her and the testimonials from her friends. I know that she was a wonderful person. The more I read about other passengers on this flight it just seems very sad, the world has lost some great people on board that flight. But the same time regardless of whatever faith you believe in, a plane that is filled with such wonderful people can only be headed to one final destination…… Heaven, May Juliana and all the remaining passengers rest in peace… the Lord holds thee now…….

  • AF447

    I can’t stop listening to her song, If You Could. She had such a great voice.

  • Simona

    Je mi to moc líto. Slzy.. bolest.. utrpení.. Myslíme na vás, i tu, v czech republic. Budou tu všichni chybět! S.

  • Ana

    I didnt know Juliana either, but I read about her and I read about this flight and even today it breaks my heart. It’s such sad sad thing to have happened. I cant stop thinking about the mother of the brazilian Flight Attendant who was visiting Brazil to attend the funeral of his father, how can a woman who just lost her husband, lose her son as well, in such terrible way! Lord have mercy please, have mercy on your children in this world, please send your holy spirit to help ease the pain of those families who lost so much in that flight, so much life gone! Lord have mercy!

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    [...] Here’s a song from 29 year old Juliana de Aquino. [...]

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