Deise Possamai, 34, Brazilian – Lawyer

by Jonathan on June 22, 2009

Deise Possamai Deise Possamai , 34, was a lawyer at the Economics sector at the city hall of Criciúma (Holy Catarina) where she had worked for 9 years. She was born in the city of New Vencie. Deise was on her way to Italy to take specializing courses.

Ironically as she bid farewell to her mother, her mother had some strange feeling about this flight. Her mom had had a dream about a coffin surrounded by a body of water. She is survived by her husband, Hercílio, her father, Valdir, and her mother, Jucelma.

The video below was submitted by Edson Bruno, a CNN iReporter.

  • Malisa Reshke

    What a beautiful young women. Her time on this earth seems short but apparently her work was complete. Remember, it’s the survivors who suffer, not the victims. I hope her family will someday find peace my thoughts are with them.

  • Anonymous

    Always listen to your intuition. Her mother should have stopped her from going on the flight. A dream of a coffin surrounded by water and your daughter is going to board a plane that will fly over water ? How much more info do you need ?
    Roman Polanski had a premonition he’d never see Sharon Tate alive again as he told her goodbye when she was sailing back ro the USA on a ship – he was staying behind in London for a while. He was to meet back up with her at home in Los Angeles. He too, ignored his intuition, He never saw her alive again.

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