Lucas Gagriano Juca, 24, Brazilian – Flight Steward on AF447

by Jonathan on June 25, 2009

Lucas Gagriano Juca, 24, The only Brazilian crew member.

Lucas Gagriano Juca, 24, The only Brazilian crew member.

Lucas Gagriano Juca was the only Brazilian crew member on board Air France flight 447. He lived in Sant-Ouen, Paris, France and was an Air France employee for two years.

The purpose of his visit to Brazil was his father’s funeral, roughly 2 weeks before AF 447’s departure.

According to friends and family and information obtained from his Orkut profile, Lucas was a great guy. He was smart, cheerful, and spoke many different languages. Lucas spoke French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, and English. His tagline on his Orkut page said “The more languages you know, the more you get from life”.

All of his friends described him as a fun, loving guy, with a sense of humor. He studied at one of Rio’s traditional schools, Sao Bento, in the center of the city. He enjoyed classical music, playing beach volleyball and soccer with friends, and was a big fan of the Brazilian soccer team, Botafogo.

On the day of his departure he was accompanied by an already grieving mother before he boarded flight AF447. Juca Gagriano Luca’s mother is shattered by two losses in the family in less than 15 days.

  • K.Bircan TR

    It seems that, He was a tremendous young man, what a pity! I so sad for him. Rest in peace young man.

  • Michelle

    So sad to hear about this news. He seems like an extraordinary person. I could just imagine the pain his mother is going through especially since it is the second death in two weeks. Hopefully the flight attendant’s body that was found is his because it will at least give some sort of comforting to his mother after all she’s been through.
    My condolences go to the families of everyone who’s lost a loved one in this horrible accident. Also, may all the best of luck go out to the search crews to find the black boxes and the rest of the passengers so they may be put to rest the proper way.
    May all their souls rest in peace.

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