Ready to travel: Road trips

Travelling to different places are one of the best experiences you can experience. Be it going alone or with your friends, or family. One of the most important things for travelling is that you have fun and enjoy your time on the trip.

On the go online

Regardless of whether you have to find a toilet on the go or want to take a look at the nicest detours on the map, even when you are on the move it is simply practical to have internet every now and then. With an activated mobile phone you can buy a prepaid SIM card with data volume in most countries. This means that you can be reached easily, you can also make cheap calls abroad and you have mobile internet.

Road trip tips on traffic rules

Familiarize yourself with the traffic rules of the countries you plan to travel to. Tips and advice for Europe can be found at the ADAC and abroad at the various tourism authorities. Remember that in many countries, especially in former colonies of the British Empire, you drive on the left and the wheel is on the right. If you have to adapt to it, you should take it slowly and avoid hectic traffic at the beginning.

Road trip tips: Music while traveling

Every road trip needs a playlist! Download your favorite songs using a Clip Converter to your smartphone beforehand and don’t forget the USB cable so you can turn up the volume in the car. If you want to be old school, you don’t just drive around in an old classic, you also have a mixtape on cassette with you.

However, you should also give the local radio stations a chance to spot music you can’t get to at home. If you want other entertainment from time to time, you can download the latest podcast episodes or audio books but have to sit behind the wheel yourself.


Petrol stations and yards are often not as bad as their reputation. In many countries you will find branches of the local supermarket chain here, so that you can easily refill your cooler and you can often try local specialties at the counter. In many toilets you have to pay money or tip the toilet attendant, so it is worth having change with you. It also makes sense to take toilet paper and hand sanitizer with you.

Camp (quietly in the car)

Regardless of whether for budget reasons or because it is so beautifully nostalgic – camping is back in. Instead of sleeping in a motel room, you sleep in a tent in the countryside, in a small VW Bulli or maybe in a campervan. The folded back seat of many a station wagon is also suitable for simply stopping for a nap on the go.