Modifications of San Jose’s Most Perilous Roads Receive Federal Funding

Bay Area motorists have demonstrated a vital need for a towing company san jose plying vehicles with 24-hour round the clock service of extending a lifeline to road safety in case of emergencies.

dangerous winding roadSan Jose is known for having dangerous roads that have become increasingly perilous during the past years. The 9.6 mile Monterey Road transit corridor for one, which stretches from Keyes St. to Metcalf Road has seen numerous serious vehicular accidents.
Records show that in 2021 alone, traffic accidents that took place along the transit corridor resulted in the demise of seven people. Monterey Road is a long and vast road originally built as a highway for the purpose of easing out traffic and allowing motor vehicles to move quickly across San Jose.

Federal Funding to Address Modification of Some of San Jose’s Most Dangerous Roads

The good news is that last December 2023, the city received a federal grant amounting to $12.9 million to fund infrastructure projects that aim to make San Jose’s most perilous roads safer, not only to motorists but also to bikers and pedestrians.

road needing modificationThere is an apparent need for protected bike lanes and at the same time for increasing accessibility of roads to pedestrians. The infrastructure projects intend to build an elevated bike path as a means of separating bikes and pedestrians from motor vehicles.

Aside from the Monterey Transit Corridor, the East Santa Clara Street at 11th St. and the Capitol Expressway at Senter Road will receive modifications as part of the projects that will be funded by the recently awarded grant.

The Importance of Knowing a Reliable Towing Company to Call

When travelling, drivers rely on the performance and integrity of their vehicles; but no amount of planning can prepare motorists from uncertainties. That is why nowadays, most drivers, especially those who pass through San Jose’s most dangerous roadways such as the State Road 138 and Interstate Roadways 5, 8, 10, 15, 60 and 80, know of a reliable towing company in San Jose.
C & S Towing for one, operates round the clock to render various services such as flat tire replacement, battery replacement, emergency roadside services, car lockouts, fuel delivery and emergency recovery. This San Jose company is also available for non-emergency towing services and transport needs such as transport of equipment, long distance or local haulage. Operating 24 hours daily, all calls are answered and technicians will be deployed as soon as possible.

The Need for the Tourism Industry to Take Serious Steps Toward Sustainability

Is sustainable tourism possible in the truest sense of the word, when we all know the industry simply provides consumers’ constant demand for leisure travels? While the sustainability actions of many sectors in the tourism industry was to offset their carbon impact by partnering with organizations that plant trees or collect wastes, the approach has not made a significant impact in addressing the environmental effects of overtourism.

Actually, there is very little data provided on the environmental effects of tourism on many holiday destinations, particularly in third world developing countries. Mainly because governments are more focused on the economic benefits derived from their respective tourism industry, in terms of job and business creation abd the resulting tax revenues, to positive and negative impacts on the environment and local communities.

Yet it should be widely understood that the source of values that make tourist destinations popular are the very elements that need sustainable protection against overuse and abuse: the breathtaking landscapes, the awe-inspiring wildlife, the colorful history and the unique of the people.

While airlines, cruise ships, hotels, vacation rentals, entertainment hubs and event organizers all seek to improve and enhance customer experience, they must do by closing the gap between sustainability and tourism values.

Sustainable tourism must be understood as a way by which the tourism and travel industry help the communities in travel destinations reduce the negative impact of tourism activities; as well as give back some of the resources that were lost. Otherwise, there will be backlash in the form of environmental restrictions or at worst, cause environmental degradations that will make the destination unappealing to tourists.

How Can the Tourism Industry Become Green?

Tourism to be sustainable should aim to adopt practices that aim to at least maintain tourism values, present in every destination. At the same time, they should reduce the adverse impacts of tourism activities. Some examples include:

Managing the activities of tourists to make certain wildlife and their natural environments are protected.

Enhance tourist experience by holding festivals that provide authentic tourist experiences that celebrate and demonstrate the heritage and culture of the people. However, when doing so, be sure to observe other environmental practices such as covering the lawns and soft earth with protective ground covers. The use of crane mats or access mats is particularly important if heavy construction equipment and machinery is involved.

Create socio-economic benefits by letting communities promote through actual demonstrations, the use of organic materials in creating indigenous products and crafts.

Companies providing air, sea and land transport must commit to keep track of their energy use in order to be more transparent about their carbon footprint. Environmentally conscious consumers are now making informed travel decisions by deciding on choices that have less environmental impact.

Support waste-reduction movements not only to eliminate single-use plastics but all wastes, including food wastes, energy wastes, water wastes and unnecessary consumption or utilization of natural resources, including wildlife.

Travel Bloggers Cope with Blog Monetization Through Affiliate Marketing Programs

Monetizing your travel blog has become a tough act to hurdle ever since the health crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic narrowed down choices to local travel. The rebound hoped for by the travel and tourism industry is still not happening as many are still unsure if it’s already safe to travel. Some others are putting off vacation plans as the money saved for such purposes will have better use during these trying times.

Longwoods International found in its recent survey that while many Americans have been longing to travel as soon as the travel restrictions were lifted, 82% of those who responded said they made modification in their travel plans. Around 22% indicated that if ever there’s a need to travel, they will do so by way of a private transport rather than board a commercial plane.

Besides, the complex processes that passengers have to go through in airports pose as additional hustles. Actually, the airline industry reported that last year, the number of passengers that went through TSA checkpoints went down by as much as 93%

So the choices of affiliate programs have been limited to domestic destinations reachable by car, with lots of choices for affordable private home rentals and offer places of recreation where people can safely distance from each other. According to Elizabeth Monahan, of They actually expect tourism recovery to start out locally, as travelers will first venture out by way of weekend getaways that are closer to home. She give advice that it will take longer before international tourism makes a robust return.

TripAdvisor for one, offers travel bloggers opportunities to earn commissions through the website’s affiliate marketing program. Affiliate marketers contribute reviews and recommendations based on their actual travel experiences. However, this site may already be crowded with affiliate marketers all looking to give their audience the best amd genuine travel recommendation there is.

Moreover, digital marketing authority Jeff Lerner noticed that most travel bloggers are focused on choosing affiliate programs base only the monetization opportunities. It’s been noted that when Jeff reviews other’s work the content are less focused on what their audience consider as helpful information, especially during these uncertain times.


Examples of Affiliate Marketing Programs Popular Among Travel Bloggers

Despite the shift in travel plans and preferences for safe domestic destinations, the travel industry still manages to stay afloat by keeping their affiliate marketing programs active. After all, popular travel websites are still the go-to resources when making travel plans. Not a few find valuable information from reviews and recommendations of people who have actually seen and been to the places they intend to visit. is one such popular resource as it has an affiliate marketing program that partners with travel agencies, travel app users or travel bloggers or websites that can offer the best choice of accommodations.

Travala is a travel website that focuses on travelers looking to use their cryptocurrency to pay for accommodation. In which case, affiliate marketers of this platform’s crypto marketing program can expect to receive income in cryptocurrency.

Skyscanner is a platform providing comprehensive information about flight prices, which regular travelers can easily access vy way of a downloadable Skyscanner app. It also supports booking for flights, hotel accommodations and vehicle rentals.
Travel bloggers affiliated with Scanners’ marketing program have the option to incorporate a white-label solution that will allow their visitors to make their flight search inquiry right in their website. In addition, Skyscanner also offers a flight booking widget that affiliate publishers can place in the sidebar.

France Worried Over Red Squirrels as Grey Squirrels Could Arrive Soon

The population of red squirrels in Europe is in a decline due to several factors, including the proliferation of the grey squirrel species across EU forests. Although France strongly protects its red squirrel wildlife, the country fears that grey squirrels will soon reach the country’s forests as the nuisance pests have already invaded forests in Switzerland.

Why is France Anxious about the Arrival of Grey Squirrels in Its Forests?

The grey species which are supposed to be native to the U.S.have become an international wildlife nuisance. Grey squirrels spread throughout Europe ever since several of the species were hauled to Italy during the 60’s as a form of novelty. However, the lot quickly populated and spread across many European forests, and subsequently created chaos to many of the continent’s wildlife communities. In fact in England, the grey squirrels were responsible for wiping out the red squirrels, one of Britain’s most beloved wildlife species.

Grey squirrels are known carriers of the parapox, a virus that is deadly for the red squirrels; but does not affect the greys at all. Furthermore, since grey squirrels are bigger compared to the reds, they consume anything and every food available in forests; often leaving nothing for smaller animals including the red squirrel species. The grey squirrels have been observed to use their size as an advantage, inclined to snatch and run off with whatever food gathered as stash by red squirrels.

About France’s Red Squirrels

The French people consider the red squirrels delightful creatures who rarely appear in urban environments. After all, France has a lot of dense forests to offer as perfect habitats to the small animals. France even constructed rope bridges specifically for squirrels and smaller animals, to help them cross roads safely. The squirrel bridges help prevent vehicular accidents and at the same time, protect the animals from getting roadkilled. Currently, there are two squirrel bridges located in La Rochelle, in Parc d’Orbigny and Parc Franck-Delmas .

However, these animals do not hibernate during winter, relying mostly on their large bushy tails to keep them warm while confined in their nests. As climate change has brought in harsher winters and freezing temperatures, about three-fourths of baby squirrels born in forests are unable to survive the unusually cold weather that has been taking place in Europe.

How the U.S. Manages and Controls Gray Squirrel Populations

Due to their abundance in the U.S., wildlife control agencies in the country include grey squirrels among the game species that can be hunted down and killed by traditional game hunters. Still, there are laws that must be observed with regard to grey squirrel removal and extermination. In Alabama, it is illegal to shoot down grey squirrels wandering withIn the city limits.

Generally most state laws allow grey squirrel extermination but only by using humane lethal traps or by way of euthanasia. Squirrels that have been captured live may not be quickly released in other locations due to the threats they pose to the smaller animals inhabiting an area. In Texas, professional wildlife removal technicians called upon by homeowners faced with squirrel invasion problems are required to first call the local Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Squirrel removal companies can euthanize the captured animals only after getting clearance from the local wildlife department, which determines if there are suitable locations in which to release the animals. The need to control the population of nuisance squirrels is due to the fact that in recent years, they have been invading homes; gnawing on wood works, electrical cables and insulations.

Nonetheless, even if grey squirrels are considered as nuisance forest creatures, U.S. laws still consider the grey species still valuable to forest ecosystems. Mainly because they also help in the reforestation of forests by scattering seeds across different natural environments.

Make a Farewell Party Truly Cherishable for the Person Leaving

When a person you hold dear to your heart will be starting a new life in some distant place, just saying goodbye would not be enough. Show how much that person means to you by holding a farewell party. More than just an occasion in which to formally say goodbye, a farewell party is also a way to celebrate all the years of triumph you, your family and friends shared with that loved one.

After all. he or she is the one who is about to leave behind familiar places and loving faces. Hearing words of love and encouragement coming personally from family and friends would prove to be very important. Your loved one may be excited about turning a new chapter in life, but having something to remember with fondness will help him or her overcome times of trials and challenges faced under a different surrounding.

That is the very essence of holding a festive occasion that your loved person will cherish. A memorable farewell party will serve as inspiration when making new friends and interacting in a new environment. Now it is up to you to make those farewell moments truly cherishable.

One word of caution though, avoid organizing the party all by yourself; lest you will end up too stressed to enjoy, as well as turn you into a less enjoyable company during the actual celebration. Look for volunteers from your family circle and from your loved person’s closest friends. Many will just be glad to help you in making the occasion extra special.

Mission: Make a Farewell Party Memorable

Party planning always starts with determining a budget. You can either make plans based on a budget or determine the budget based on plans. A third option is to make plans without any budget restrictions at all, or as people who can afford to say, “the sky’s the limit.”

Party Theme

Let the person for whom you are organizing the farewell party be the central motif. Choose the kind of food, drinks, color, music, decor, flowers and other stuff that makes him or her happy. Focusing on his or her penchants will make that person feel loved, important and unforgettable.

One way of giving emphasis to the “person” theme is to have his or her name prominently displayed by way of rented letter lights (licht letters). Decorating the place with beautiful, bright and glowing LED lights that spell the name of your honoree, is also one way of helping arriving guests locate and recognize the exact party venue.

Party Activities

Another suggestion for making the farewell party memorable is to have the guests participate in activities that will stir up fond memories shared with the honoree, such as charades, guessing games or even a ceremonial roast. Another suggestion is to run a videography showing photographs and video clips taken during important occasions of his or her growing up, and coming of age years in the place he or she calls home. .

Also, it would be helpful if the honoree prepared a video that will let friends know why it became necessary for him or her to relocate; e.g. a job promotion, a new employer, a business venture or a forthcoming marriage. That way, he or she will be saved from answering questions repeatedly throughout the entire occasion. You may even want to include this particular video in the digital invitation you will be sending out.

As a way of winding up the occasion, propose a toast to wish him or her luck, good health and all the best.