French families want equal compensation

by Jonathan on March 12, 2010

After a Brazilian judge ordered Air France to pay more than $1 million in damages to the family of a Brazilian killed in the tragic crash of Air France flight 447, a French support group said that it will seek equal compensation for the families of the French victims of AF447.

Brazilian judge Mauro Nicolau Junior has ordered Air France to pay 2.04 million reals ($1.15 million) to the family of Marcelle Valpacos Fonseca, a state prosecutor who was among those who lost died as a result of the crash of flight 447.

Jean-Baptiste Audousset, president of the Association Mutual Aid and Solidarity AF447 said that the judge’s decision is “human.” “We want an equitable treatment for all families and that the compensation is the same,” Andousset said. “Nothing prevents a French judge from allocating such a sum.”

“It’s a decision that not only is legal but also human and which brings compensation to the level of the drama experienced and the particularly difficult situation that the families are going through,” Audousset said.

Associated Press

  • Keith Williams

    And they should, justice needs to be served. We have some blog posts about how to equalize justice and legal problems which you can read more about here.

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