Lost: The Mystery of Flight 447

by Jonathan on May 31, 2010

Good news for those of us living outside of the UK. A reader has posted a download link for the BBC documentary on Flight 447. The documentary is available to view or download at ZShare.

If you live in the UK, you can stream it from the BBC’s iPlayer site.

I don’t know how long this will be available, so grab at as soon as you get a chance.

Thanks goes to Ronald for the download link.

  • Russell

    I viewed it on the BBC2 website last night (using Hide my IP software), thought it was very well done. I am a lay person simply interested in this tragic mystery, and would be very interested to hear what aviation experts think of the programme's conclusions.

  • Claudio

    Damn I tried to download it but it says this:

    You Are Using Ad Block Plus or some other advert blocking software!
    zSHARE relies on advertising for revenue!.
    Please add zSHARE to your ad blocking whitelist or disable ad blocking when you visit zSHARE

    So i Tried with internet explorer and said:your download will begin shortly…but it never started!

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/JonathanAdmin JonathanAdmin


    After you click the download link, there will be countdown timer. After the countdown reaches zero, you will see a not that says "Click here to start your download".

    Just click "here" and your download will begin. It will take a while, depending on your connection speed.


  • Claudio

    Yes I tried that but the countdown timer just won't start.It's weird.I got that message that I pasted above.But I tried with download helper, a firefox application, and it seems it's downloading fine now.At least it's working.Thanks for the reply anyway!

  • Rami

    Yeah I agree, I actually had a few questions that I wrote under under the other post relating to this documentary. I know some pilots have posted on here in the past, hopefully they can provide insight

  • http://www.airfrance447.com/06/02/nova-working-on-air-france-447-documentary/ NOVA Working on Air France 447 Documentary — Air France Flight 447

    [...] On May 30, the BBC aired a documentary on flight 447 titled Lost: The Mystery of Flight 447. [...]

  • Claudio

    So I watched it, it was pretty interesting and well made.Basically as far as I understood there were 3 things that brought the plane down.There was a small thurnderstorm that blocked the pilots to see the giant one behind it, and that's why they only deviated a little to avoid the small one.They didn't know there was a giant one just after the small one and that's why they flew into the storm.Makes sense.Then the super cooling water that caused ice on the pitot tubes and blocked the plane to get correct airspeed data.Then from there all sorts of failures started coming all at once causing pilots to panic.But then, pilots weren't trained enough to fly the airplane and that's the ultimate cause of the crash.Infact the pilots even without airspeed data could have saved the plane.But a bit of unexperience and sudden panic attacks caused by all those failures at once stopped the pilots from thinking rationally and they weren't just quick enough to pick up the situation.It seems that eventually they almost recovered the plane at the very last seconds but it was too late as they were falling way too quickly.Well, makes sense.It still doesn't explain few things but overall it could of went like that.But why the pilots didnt call mayday?Maybe they were too busy dealing with all the troubles?Maybe they couldnt communicate?

  • http://mif.no Bjørn Svendsen

    Alexander Bjoroy was 13th today!

  • Alex

    Just check youtube, its on there already. and faster view or download.

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