Unofficial Air France 447 Passenger List

by Jonathan on June 2, 2009


Although the official list of victims of Air France Flight 447 has yet to be released by Air France, friends, relatives, and colleagues are starting to report the names of some of the people who are currently missing. 228 people are feared dead and the chances of finding any survivors have dwindled. According to the Brazilian Agency of Civil Aviation, the official list will be released by Air France.

  1. Abdel Kader Benotmane, , French, Friend of Otmane Teguadon
  2. Adrian S, , German,
  3. Adriana Moreira Henriques, 27, Brazilian, Adriana was going to spend the holidays in Portugal.
  4. Adriana Sluijs Francisco, 40, Brazilian, Press Officer for Petrobas
  5. Agostino Cordioti, 73, Italian, Businessman from Verona, Italy
  6. Ahmed Faouzi, , Moroccan, Veterinary Technician
  7. Aisling Butler, 26, Irish, Doctor
  8. Albert Kersten, 43, Dutch, Was on vacation in Brazil
  9. Alexander Bjoroy, 11, British, English student.
  10. Alexander C, 25, German,
  11. Alexander Paulitsch, 35, Italian, Italian business man
  12. Ana Carolina Rodriguez, 28, Brazilian, Sociologist, Vivo Rio, an Anti-Violence Non-profit oganization
  13. Ana Luisa Curty, , Unknown,
  14. Andras Szarvas, 7, Hungarian, Son of Rita Szarvas.
  15. Andree VN, 38, German, Boutique owner. He was in Brazil visiting a friend
  16. Andrei Kiselev, , Russian, Was in Brazil for business
  17. Andres Suarez Montes, 38, Spanish, Engineer who worked in Brazil
  18. Angela Cristina de Oliveria Silva, , Brazilian, Worked for an organization that guided and protected foreign women. Was traveling with her Italian husband, Enzo Canaletto.
  19. Anna Negra Barrabeig, 28, Spanish, Was on her honeymoon in Rio. She was on her way to Barcelona to join family and friends
  20. Anne Harris, 54, American, American Physiotherapist, wife of Michael Harris
  21. Anne-Marie Wilhelm, 54, French, Professor, Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse. She was attending a conference in Brazil. She was on the plane with her husband, Jean-Luc Wilhelm
  22. Anne-Marie Boulleray, 60, French, Anne Marie was the sister of the Head Flight Attendant, Francoise Sonnic
  23. Antonio Gueiros, 46, Brazilian, Director of Information Technology, Michelin. Traveled to go to a meeting at Michelin headquarters in France. Antonio was married and had two kids.
  24. Arden Jugueta, 41, Filipino, Ship Mechanic, was on his way to the Philippines to spend time with family.
  25. Arnold Gergel, 33, Slovakian, Aer Lingus employee at Dublin airport
  26. Arthur Coakley, 61, British, Engineer for PDMS. Arthur was getting ready to retire. He was married with 3 children.
  27. Audrey Zerelli Quesada, 27, French, Was on the plane with her husband, Hatrem, daughter, Sana, and son, Jassem.
  28. Aurelia Pasquet, 24, French, Was on the plane with her friend, Laetitia Alazar
  29. Bassam Murr, , Lebanese, Was on a business trip with his business partner, Hussein Khalifeh.
  30. Bianca Machado Cotta, , Brazilian, Was going on her honeymoon with husband Carlos Mello
  31. Brad Clemes, 49, Canadian, Executive at Coca-Cola.
  32. Bruno Pelajo, , Brazilian,
  33. Carlos Alberto Mateus, 53, Brazilian,
  34. Carlos Eduardo de Melo Macário, 33, Brazilian, Lawyer, was heading to honeymoon with wife, Bianca Cotta.
  35. Carmen Eccard, , German, Carmen was a scientist. She was on the flight with her mother, Hannelor, father, Rolf, sister, Regine, and 2 year old daughter, Clara Sofie Eccard
  36. Carole Pujol, , French, Wife of Fabrice Pezzoni
  37. Caroline Coquet, 24, French, Teacher. She was on board with her husband, Sebastien Vedovati
  38. Cathy Arrondo, 54, French, Was on the plane with her partner, Gilles Dutheil
  39. Cecile Guitare, , French, Former Air Austral flight attendant. She was on board with Francois Henry
  40. Cedric Monteiro, 32, French, He was in Brazil for a friend’s wedding
  41. Chen Chiping, 53, Chinese, wife of Liaoning province’s vice mayor, vice manager of a trade company under Benxi Iron & Steel
  42. Chen Qingwei, 35, Chinese, resident of central Chinese city of Wuhan, had applied to become Brazilian investment immigrant
  43. Christiane Zeuthen, 47, Dane, Shock and trauma therapist
  44. Christin Pieraerts, 28, French, Michelin tire engineer from France had recovered from a stroke and was returning home after a 10-day visit to see her boyfriend in Brazil.
  45. Christine Badre Schnabl, 35, Swedish, Was on the plane with her 5-year-old son, Philipe
  46. Christophe Paus, 32, Swiss, Doctor
  47. Clara Sofie Eccard, 2, German, Clara was on the plane with her mother, Carmen Eccard, grandparents Hannelor and Rolf, and aunt Regine.
  48. Claudia Degli Esposti, 55, Italian, Worked in marketing for an Italian firm.
  49. Claus-Peter Hellhammer, 28, French, ThyssenKrup employee. Was returning home from a private trip in Brazil.
  50. Daniel Bencat, 54, Slovakian, Former mayor of Kozarovec. Daniel was with is friend, Michael Hudec
  51. David Sebastian, 28, French, CGED employee
  52. Deise Possamai, 34, Brazilian, Tax auditor for the city of Criciuma
  53. Dennis L, 38, German, Manager from the city of Bremen. He was on holiday and loved gliding.
  54. Eduardo Moreno, , Brazilian, Engineer
  55. Eithne Walls, 29, Irish, Eithe was a doctor. She was on the flight with Jane Deasy and Aisling Butler.
  56. Elise Chabanne, 26, French, Math professor. She was in Brazil visiting a friend
  57. Enzo Canaletti, , Italian, Husband of Angela Cristina de Oliveria Silva
  58. Erich Heine, 41, German, ThyssenKrup Executive, father of 3.
  59. Fabrice Pezzoni, , French, Was on board with his wife, Carole Pujol. He worked at CGED
  60. Fatma Ceren Necipoglu, 37, Turkish, Fatma was a Harpist and academic at the Eskisehir Anadolu University Conservatory.
  61. Ferdinand Porcaro, 79, Brazilian, Was traveling with his wife, Sonia Maria Cordeiro Porcaro
  62. Fouad Haddour, , Moroccan, Veterinary Surgeon
  63. Francisco Eudes Mesquita Valle, , Brazilian, Was traveling with his wife, Maria de Fátima Valle Brito, son, Paulo Valle Brito, and daughter-in-law, Luciana Sebá.
  64. Francois Henry, 39, French, Air Austral flight attendant. He was on board with his friend, Cecile Guitare
  65. Francoise Sonnic, 53, French, Head Flight Attendant. Her sister, Anne-Marie Boulleray, was also on the flight.
  66. Gao Xing, 39, Chinese, manager of trade company under Benxi Iron & Steel
  67. Georg Lercher, 34, Italian, Italian businessman.
  68. Georg Martiner, 24, Italian, Was of Brazilian origin and had been adopted at age 3. He was in Brazil searching for his birth mother.
  69. Gilles Dutheil, 46, French, Worked for French company CGED. He was on the plane with his partner, Cathy Arrondo
  70. Giovanni Batista Lenzi, , Italian, From the Trentino area in Italy.
  71. Graham Gardner, 52, British, Merchant Seaman
  72. Gustave Thille Guy, 65, Belgian, Businessman. He was flying to see his daughter.
  73. Gustavo Peretti, 30, Brazilian, Lawyer for Norwegian company StatoilGydro.
  74. Hannelor Eccard, , German, Hannelor was on the flight with her husband, Rolf, daughters Carmen and Regine, and grand-daughter, Clara Sofie Eccard
  75. Harald Maximillian Winner, 44, German, Was going to Germany to get legal documents needed to marry the Brazilian woman that he fell in love with.
  76. Hatem Zerelli, 30, French, Was on the plane with his wife, Audrey, daughter, Sana, and son, Jassem
  77. Helge Gustafsson, 44, Icelandic, Worked for FMC Technologies in Norway.
  78. Hilton Jadir Silveira de Souza, 50, Brazilian, Engineer at Petrobas.
  79. Hussein Khalifeh, 34, Lebanese, Was on a business trip with is business partner, Bassam Murr
  80. Ines G., 30, German, A sales manager at a hotel called Bayerische Hof. She was in Brazil to visit her brother.
  81. Iris M., 21, German, from Baden-Württemberg. The young woman was involved with the German Life Rescue service.
  82. Isabelle Bonin, 36, French, Wife of co-pilot, Pierre-Cedric Bonin
  83. Isis Pinet, , French, Financial Analyst for Moody’s in London. Was on the flight with her boyfriend, José Ronnel Amorim.
  84. Ivan Lorgeré, 41, French, Researcher at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)
  85. Izabela Maria Furtado Kestler, , Brazilian, Professor at UFRJ
  86. Jane Deasy, 27, French, Doctor, was on the flight with friends Aisling Butler and Eithne Walls
  87. Jassem Zerelli, 1, French, Was on the plane with his parents, Hatrem and Audrey, and his sister, Sana.
  88. Júlia Chaves de Miranda Schmidt, 27, Brazilian, Lawyer
  89. Jean-Claude Lozouet, , Brazilian, Businessman, member of the French Chamber of Commerce in Brazile.
  90. Jean-Luc Wilhelm, 54, French, Engineer at SNPE. He was on the flight with his wife, Anne-Marie Wilhelm
  91. Joao Marques da Silva Filho, 67, Brazilian,
  92. José Ronnel Amorim, 35, Brazilian, Dentist. Was on the plane with his girlfriend, Isis Pinet. He died on his birthday.
  93. Jose Souza, , Brazilian,
  94. Jose Gregorio Marques, 72, Brazilian, Retired judge
  95. Jose Roberto Gomes, 50, Brazilian, Management Professor
  96. Joseph Owondo, 56, Gabonese, Joseph was going to France to visit his daughter. He was a lawyer and lived in Brazil.
  97. Jozsef Gallasz, 44, Hungarian, Was on the flight with his girlfriend, Rita Szarvas, and her son, Andre
  98. Juliana de Aquino, 29, Brazilian, Singer. After a visit with her parents, she was returning to Germany to begin performing in a production of the musical “Wicked.”
  99. Kristian Berg Andersen, 37, Norwegian, Lawyer for Norwegian company StatoilHydro. Was on the flight with Brazilian Geologist Marcela Pellizzon, 29 , and Brazilian lawyer Gustavo Peretti, 30.
  100. Ku Hak-rim, 39, Korean, Head of shipping company
  101. Laura Rahal, 28, Swedish, Engineer
  102. Leaticia Alazar, 23, French, Worked for the French company CGED. She was on the plane with her friend, Aurelia Pasquet
  103. Leonardo Pereira Leite, , Brazilian,
  104. Leonardo Veloso Dardengo, 31, Brazilian, Oceanographer and doctoral student
  105. Leticia Chem, 36, Brazilian, Manager at telecommunication company Oi. Was traveling with her parents, Roberto Correa Chem and Vera Chem
  106. Li Mingwen, 44, Chinese, deputy general manager of Benxi Iron & Steel based in China’s northeastern Liaoning Province
  107. Lucas Gagriano Juca, 24, Brazilian, Flight steward on AF447. He was in Brazil for his father’s funeral
  108. Luciana Sebá, , Brazilian, Was traveling with her husband, Paulo Valle Brito, and in-laws Francisco Eudes Mesquita Valle and Maria de Fátima Valle Brito
  109. Luigi Zortea, , Italian, Mayor of the municipality of Canal San Bovo, Italy
  110. Luis Claudio Monlevad, 48, Brazilian,
  111. Luiz Roberto Anastacio, 48, Brazilian, President of Michelin South America
  112. Maksim Ivanov, 25, Estonian, Was in Brazil as a Red Cross volunteer. He worked for Aer Lingus at Dublin Airport
  113. Marcela Marques Pellizzon, 29, Brazilian, Geologist
  114. Marcelle Valpacos Fonseca Lima, 28, Brazilian, Rio de Janeiro prosecutor
  115. Marcelo Parente, 38, Brazilian, Cabinet chief of the Rio de Janeiro mayor
  116. Marcia Moscon de Faria, 49, Brazilian, Psychologist
  117. Marco Antonio Camargos Mendonca , 44, Brazilian, Director at Vale SA
  118. Maria de Fátima Valle Brito, , Brazilian, Was traveling with her husband, Francisco Eudes Mesquita Valle, son, Paulo Valle Brito, and daughter-in-law, Luciana Sebá.
  119. Maria Tereza Gegorio Marques, 69, Brazilian, Lawyer, wife of Judge Joseph Gregory Marques
  120. Mateus Nazareth Ceva Antunes, 3, Brazilian, Was on the flight with his parents, Patricia and Octavio
  121. Michael Harris, 60, American, Geologist. Was on the plane with his wife, Anne Harris
  122. Michael Hudec, 53, Slovakian, Contractor in Slovakia. He was on board with Daniel Bencat
  123. Nelson Marinho Filho, 40, Brazilian,
  124. Octavio Augusto Ceva Antunes, , Brazilian, Was on the flight with his wife, Patricia, and son, Mateus
  125. Otmane Teguadon, , Brazilian, Official at CGED
  126. Patricia Nazareth Antunes, , Brazilian, Was on the flight with her husband, Octavio and Son, Mateus
  127. Paulo Valle Brito, , Brazilian, Was traveling with his wife, Luciana Sebá, father, Francisco Eudes Mesquita Valle, and mother, Maria de Fátima Valle Brito
  128. Pedro Luis de Orleans e Branganca, 26, Brazilian, Descendant of Pedro the second.
  129. Philipe Schnabl, 5, Swedish, Was flying with is mother, Christine Schnabl
  130. Regine Eccard, , German, Regine was on the flight with her parents, Hannelor and Rolf, sister, Carmen, and niece, Clara Sofie Eccard.
  131. Rita Szarvas, 31, Hungarian, Therapise. Was on the plane with her son, Andras, and her boyfriend, Jozsef Gallasz
  132. Roberto Correa Chem, 66, Brazilian, Plastic surgeon. Was traveling with his wife, Vera Chem and daughter, Leticia Chem.
  133. Rolf Eccard, , German, Rolf was on the flight with his wife, Hannelor, daughters Regine and Carmen, and granddaughter Clara Sofie Eccard.
  134. Sana Zerelli, 3, French, Was on the plane with her parents, Hatem and Audrey, and her brother, Jassem.
  135. Sebastien Vedovati, , French, Flight attendant. His wife, Caroline Coquet, was also on board
  136. Shen Zuobing, 40, Chinese, former material section chief, Benxi Iron & Steel
  137. Silvio Barbato, , Brazilian, Music Director
  138. Simone Jacomo dos Santos Elias, 41, Brazilian, Psychologist
  139. Soluwellington Vieira de Sa, 40, Brazilian,
  140. Sonia Maria Cordeiro Porcaro, 67, Brazilian, Was traveling with her husband, Ferdinand Porcaro.
  141. Sun Lianyou, 49, Chinese, director of smelting plant, Benxi Iron & Steel
  142. Tadeu Dias de Moraes, 67, Brazilian, Was traveling to Europe to see an Opera
  143. Valnilzia Betler, 44, Brazilian,
  144. Vanderleia Carraro, , Brazilian,
  145. Vera Chem, 63, Brazilian, Psychologist, was traveling with her husband, Roberto Correa Chem, and daughter, Vera Chem.
  146. Veronica Ivanovitch, 57, Brazilian,
  147. Vincent Poitrenaud, , Brazilian, CGED official. He was traveling with Helene Leybros
  148. Walter Carrilho, , Brazilian,
  149. Xiao Xang, 35, Chinese, Scientist
  150. Zhang Qingbo, 54, Chinese, manufacturing department head, Benxi Iron & Steel

  • WTYW7

    it is so sad for the families to lose a love one. I’m so sad for the families

  • http://Website Grieving Friend

    2 other names need to be added to this list
    Kartsten Moholt, 58 – Company director
    Karsten Aleksander Moholt, 35 – Company director (son of Karsten Moholt).

    RIP – your laughs will live on in our hearts

  • AF447

    it is very sad. Grieving Friend, I will add their names to the list.

  • http://Website almis romser

    Does any one knows British passengers’s complete name list ? I cannot reach one of my friend who could be in this flight! Please let me know . Thank you .

  • http://Website Mauricio Freitas

    I now ho are
    Kartsten Moholt, 58 – Company director
    Karsten Aleksander Moholt, 35 – Company director (son of Karsten Moholt).

    I live here in Natal, and Kartsten Moholt have a house in the beach. Last friday we drink thoguether in his house.

    I can´t belive hi is dead. I very sad . RIP

  • http://Website Copacabana

    Does any one knows from the Crew complete name list ?

  • http://Website MKB

    Fatma Ceren Necipoğlu, 37 a Turkish harp player-musician and an academist at the Eskişehir Anadolu University, she was among the 228 people on board on an AF447 Plane. Necipoğlu had been invited to Rio de Janeiro to give a concert by the Fourth Rio Harp Festival.

    Her Photo and Short Bio

  • http://Website s. allen

    Any list of the crew that was on the plane?

  • http://Website Florence Sitruk

    In the name of the harp class of Geneva, we are in deep pain for the loss of our wonderful harp colleague and generous friend, Ceren Necipoglu. Florence Sitruk

  • AF447

    S. Allen,

    At the moment, no information on the crew has been released by Air France. There is some information floating around as to the nationalities of some of the crew and their names, but I’m just so backed up trying to find everything. Once I find it, I will add it.


  • http://Website K.Bircan

    Florence, Thank You all for your nice condolence and your senses about Ceren Necipoğlu.


  • http://Website Hesten James

    Its so sad. I am still in shock. May God console the families of those who lost loved ones.

  • http://Website patricia

    List of passengers aboard lost Air France flight inxlusing crew excluding Russian:
    By The Associated Press – 1 day ago

    A list of the named crew

    Pierre-Cedric Bonin, 32; French; co-pilot of AF447

    Marc Dubois, 58; French; flight captain of AF447

    David Robert, 37; French; co-pilot of AF447

    -Isabelle Bonin, 36; French; wife of AF447 co-pilot Pierre-Cedric Bonin

  • http://Website patricia

    Pilots and pursor of the Crew:

    -Pierre-Cedric Bonin, 32; French; co-pilot of AF447

    -Isabelle Bonin, 36; French; wife of AF447 co-pilot Pierre-Cedric Bonin

    -Marc Dubois, 58; French; flight captain of AF447

    -David Robert, 37; French; co-pilot of AF447

    49-year-old Anne Grimout served as a purser.

  • AF447


    Thanks for the information. I will update it soon.


  • http://Website paul

    slovakian arnold greygl worked in ireland for aerlingus along with his good friend maximus the estonian were on this flight and will be sadly missed by all the lads aerlingus loading section

    rip lads

  • http://Website K.Bircan

    A comment is on Earthquake and Electromagnetic Waves.

    Vol AF 447: l’incroyable hypothèse d’une secousse sismique–Vol+AF+447:+lincroyable+hypothèse+dune+secousse+sismique

    It happened an quake at Central Mid Atlantic fault line before 36 hours of AF447 crash.


  • Leslie

    Neil Warrior was also on flight 447. He was traveling with a guy named Eric, who might have been on the flight as well.

  • http://Website Grieving Friend

    Karsten & Karsten-Aleksander Moholt

    Please include link:

  • http://Website Looking for a French friend

    I’m trying to find out if a French friend of mine was on board… do you know when the complete list is going to be published?

  • AF447

    At this moment, nobody knows when Air France is going to make the official list public. We are all waiting. I really hope that your friend is ok.

  • http://Website Jen Andrich

    It’s very sad, I don’t know anyone on this flight, but I can feel the same sorrow and pain of those who lost the loved one……..

    Rest In Peace…..

  • http://Website Christine

    A young French woman that I knew in the 1980.s was aboard the plane.

  • http://Website TG

    we share your pain and sadness, we had an airplane crash here in Cyprus four years ago. . We are still waiting for some answers….

    May God bless these people , R.I.P to all victims of this tragedy.

  • http://Website Brandie

    Another tragic loss, this gentlemen worked in my husband’s company:

    Schlumberger exec, Andres Suarez -who was just transferring to Paris to start as Personnel Mgr

    The young boy, Alexander, was also the son of an employee at Schlumberger, and my husband as well as past and present employees of his company worked with the American gentleman, Michael Harris.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this heartbreaking time. Your loved ones will be missed. May you find peace.

  • http://Website Alexander Webster

    With Great Sadness and Sorrow, my Thoughts are with the Family’s and Loved ones of those tragically lost.

    A. Webster, Dublin, Ireland.

  • http://Website jonathon

    another name

    Sally Macintosh – 29, model and actress

  • http://Website Patricia

    Someone asked which passengers were British. Here are two of the five British passengers:

    Arthur Coakley, 61; British, Structural Engineer for PDMS

    Alexander Bjoroy, 11

    I am sure that the two British passengers with the same names as those on France’s top terrorist list will not be published until the black boxes are discovered and the terror link resolved. Even then, they may not want those terrorists to know they have their names.

  • http://Website Patrick

    Please let me know if there is a pasenger from spain.

    I hope to hear from you soonest.

  • http://Website Joy

    Please let me have the list of Spainish pasengers in Air France.

  • http://Website sneha

    please let me have the passenger list

  • kate

    my deepest sympathy to those who have lost their love ones…my prayer will always be with you all and to the passengers that people think they are presumed dead..

  • http://Website linda

    lifes a bitch then you die

  • http://Website Mike Hayes

    The tragedy of this loss of so many wonderful people has united so many of us in grief. Truly this is a latter day ‘Titanic’.
    May God give peace to those who are left behind. Til we meet again.

  • http://Website RR

    It is with my deepest spathy that I mourn over such a tragic loss. Even though I may not know anyone in the flight, in spirit I feel for those who lost a colegue, a friend or a loved one. Please accept my deepest and most sincerest regret for your loss. Always RR

  • Andreas Larry
  • http://Website Mirjana

    Please let me have list of Spainish and Italian passenger in Air France

  • http://Website Timi

    I know about one hungarian little boy who was on the plane, he was just 11. His parents not give a report for the tv, but send a picture, he was a beautiful, clever child.We share his family’s pain.

  • http://Website hun

    The name of the 11 year-old hungarian boy is Arnold Notheisz, he was on the plane.

  • http://Website Rami

    Dearest friends and family members of the passengers of flight AF 447, and to all readers of this site.
    Let us take a moment to remember those who had passed away in this tragic accident, for the human beings that they are and not as a number or statistic. Let us remember them for the great influence that they had on peoples lives. For all of those who they had touched and brought smiles to their faces. We shall look forward to seeing them another day, for they have defied gravity and are now soaring, guardians of the skies, keepers of heaven,s gates… Please lead us to the path of grace for we shall one day join you.
    Flight 447 will fly forever…
    We will remember them

  • http://Website Tereza

    Erich Heine was a South African by birth working for a German company ………. Our prayers are with his family and all who dies on this flight …. RIP.

  • Fortune Mwansa

    Tears as I write this from Zambia. Am deeply affected by this tragedy. Many children have been left orphans. May jehova be with each and every family that has lost a beloved one. Prayers to them all as we look to our creator for answers.

  • Fortune Mwansa

    Please supply me with any family that I may write to them and comfort them at this difficult time.

  • Fortune Mwansa

    I may not know anyone from the plane. But I feel like I have lost someone so close to me. All the hopes and plans gone…… in just a day. May the families of the pilots, crew members and each and every passenger on the plane rest in peace. My prayer today is that each and every body may be found so that our beloved sisters and brothers may be given a proper burrial. Our hearts and souls still remembers them.

  • Yvonne

    When will you post the remainder of the passenger list?

  • AF447

    I hope to have the list completed by this weekend.

  • Grace Tjie

    I used to work for Air France as Ground Hostess till the flights to my city suspended. It’s been 14 years now, however when I learnt about the crash, I felt like part of me affected somehow.

  • Anna S. Chicago, IL

    RIP! I didn’t know any one, but this tragedy really touched my heart. I hope the investigation will find the answers to this horrible accident. My deepest sympathy to the relatives and friends of the lost loved ones!

  • Wildflower

    I have no, zero, connection to flight447, but for some reason I can not help but check everywhere for any type of update on the recovery. My heart has truly gone out to all those who had family, friends, business partners, or simply acquaintances on flight447. We may never know what happened, which bothers me personally, but I am keeping those affected in my prayers and in my thoughts.

  • Wildflower

    So this may have already been discussed, but I’m a bit bothered by the “facts”, (which are few) that I am reading. Has anyone else thought of the strange double “talk” of what may have happened to flight 447? In some of the reports the public hears that the plane “broke up in mid air” and then we hear the same because of the debris that had been found in the early weeks and then the bodies that have been autopsied so far have supposedly indicated the same, yet on the other hand the public is hearing that the debris that has been found now indicates that the plane plunged into the ocean. What about the discrepancies in the autopsies, that some of the examiners didn’t agree or that there was some type of disagreement over the findings. Is it possible, that flight447 do to high speeds (from the tubes or some other malfunctions) and storms, which I’m sure were quite bad, lost the stabilizer, which rendered the plane almost useless, and tore some or a majority of the plane apart in the air and then the rest of the plane, the part that was not torn apart in the air plunged into the ocean? Is it just me or am I the only person thinking this could have happened?

  • ingrid

    2 other names need to be added to this list
    Andrey Kiselev, 46 – Russian from Korolev
    Maksim Ivanov, 25, Estonian from Tallinn –

  • Daniela

    There was a Croatian passenger on board of AF447. His name was Zoran Markovic and he was returning home from working in a merchant navy.

  • andrzej

    There were two polish passangers.

  • http://none Yaser Anabtawi

    Another passenger and good friend of mine Rossi Pais – French , he was going back to get married . I feel very depressed , he was my best friend.

  • Petra Brunhilde Bour

    RIP to Joseph Owondo, 56, Gabonese, Was going to see his daughter in France.He lived in Rio with his wife, worked as a lawyer.My friend Marcel Djip from Port Gentil, Gabon, called me in Brazil ( I live between Europe and Brasil, Trancoso, Bahia ) to tell me that he saw tha list and Joseph’s mother is about to fly from Gabon , Africa, to France and then to Brasil to identifie the body.I m deeply sad about the sudden death of so many people and I really do hope that we can find out about what really happened.As I m an artist, music-therapist and musician, I want to give my deepest thoughts to the wonderfull artists and therapists we have lost on this flight. I have received many calls asking me if I m still alive and didn t take this plane ( I take TAM from Salvador de Bahia to Paris or Arkefly from Natal to Amsterdam ).Now that I know that all oversudden this turbulences are for real, I will take my next flight with an enormous amount of fear because I always feel the turbulences a lot and suffer from nervous anxiousness.
    Blessings to the lost onces and their friends and families.
    Petra Brunhilde Bour, Trancoso, Brasil

  • AF447

    Joseph “Jojo” Owondo was a great guy. Although I hadn’t seen him in a few year, I always remembered what he used to tell me about my love of computers. He would always tell my mother that I was good with computers and that I would get a good job one day working with them.

    He would also ask me to build him a website, and right after I created this site, I found that he was on the sad.

    Everyone misses him. What a wonderful guy.

  • Valinn

    To the family members of AF 447 passengers, I feel your loss and feel so sad. Never easy losing your loved ones. I have lost my loved ones and pray that your days will be comforted, you have more strength with each day.

    If you could video by Juliana de Aquino really touched me and reading about the passengers list, really saddens me.

    Tribute to the ones up in the sky, among the stars. Rest in peace

    Quote –
    Farewell, my friend and confidante!
    As you go, so must I
    Return upon the well-worn path
    Each soul must travel by.
    Wend where you will, my wanderer,
    Even as you stay
    Long-treasured in my lonely heart,
    Loved well, though far away.

  • katia sims


  • oana

    another name
    Violeta Bajenaru Declerck – 33, a university teacher at the Ecole de Bois in Nantes, France

    With Great Sadness and Sorrow, my Thoughts are with the Family’s and Loved ones of those tragically lost.
    Rest In Peace…..

  • francis


  • http://Website Rami

    With all the recent news that we hear especially the new updates on this investigation, a lot of the new surfacing evidence is subject to lots of debates. Regardless of what the outcome of the investigation is. Let as all take a moment to remember the victims and never forget them.

  • sara

    May their souls rest in peace.

  • maria lajunen

    I am sorry, sorry…..i have no friends there, but i am SORRY for all of them!

  • Febby

    RIP our dear friends, I may not know one of the victims but were loss of many leaves is concerned everyone shld be concerned. Only God knows the answer to what led this 447 to go down on that fateful night of 1st June. God bless the beleaved families who are moarning their beloved ones give them strength and to accept what has befallen them. I only hope the other remains will be recovered so that they may be baried and rest peacefully.


  • It’s a secret

    Rest in peace so so sad.

  • Gheith

    Rest in peace Hussein Khalifeh, finally coming back home from the ocean, we will miss you brother …

  • Ali

    Yesterday we burried my cousin, Hussein, whose body was among the last few to be found near the Brazilian coast.
    It’s a shock and disaster for all those who lost someone they knew onboard AF447.

    May God be with all of you.

  • Meyer Jessica

    J’étais gestionnaire des compte de Mr Roberto Correa Chem en Afrique si quelqu’un le connais qu’il me contact a mon email rapidement pour savoir comment faire pour reattribuer son argent a ses ayant droit.
    j’attends que vous me contacter à mon adresse email:

  • http://- Wino Wibowo

    It’s a black tragedy in a world aviation. Deepest condolences for the family and relatives. God will accept all of them at her side.

  • Dagmar Almeida

    Please please include the name of the young German fashion designer from Stuttgart who always came to Rio de Janeiro on his holidays and always stayed at the same place (Ananab guesthouse) in Rua Alice, Laranjeiras, a friendly and magic Rio district from which you can see the statue of Christ the Redeemer, wherever you happen to be strolling in Laranjeiras (incidentally, ‘laranjeiras’ means orange trees in Portuguese and the streets of this particular district are lined with them).

    The young German fashion designer’s name was MATTHIAS PETER. He was a sensitive, creative and caring human being who was so in love with Rio de Janeiro that he bought an apartment of his own to enable him to live half the year in Rio and half the year in his native Stuttgart.

    Matthias shared a meal with the other guests at Ananab Guesthouse and with the hosts, Roberto and Dirk, on that fateful Sunday 31 May and then said ’so long’ to all his friends in Rio, old and new. He told them he couldn’t wait to be back in Rio in December for the New Year’s Day festivities in Rio.

    Matthias was really looking forward to spending the New Year’s Eve in Rio in six months’ time. Well, he would… because New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro is a truly unforgettable and COMMUNAL experience.

    We all dress in white, walk to the beach and throw flower offerings to the African goddess of the ocean, Yemanja. It’s a beautiful sight – thousands of people – rich and poor – dressed in white, gently placing flowers in the ocean whilst looking at a sky lit with magnificent fireworks.

    New Year’s Eve in Rio is a truly EGALITARIAN experience, as I mentioned above: it must be the only evening in the entire year when it is 100% safe to stroll along Copacabana beach past midnight because everyone, rich and poor, is too busy communing and celebrating to contemplate mugging your own kind.

    So,Matthias Peter, RIP, I will throw some ‘lirios’ to Iemanja on your behalf, come 31 December. You will always be remembered at the Ananab Guesthouse, by the street vendors you used to chat with
    everywhere you went in Laranjeiras and by everyone fortunate enough to have come into contact with you in your yearly sojourns in Rio de Janeiro.

    May the Maker keep you in a very special place next to him.
    Dagmar Almeida
    (like you, dear Matthias, I live half the time in Rio and half the time in Europe)

  • Richard

    Reading the names brings it all very close to the heart. News is numbers but this is reality.
    I returned from Rio with Air France 2 weeks before this tradegy, after our honeymoon around Brazil. We were delayed for 50 hours with AF after the plance had to abort on take off due to a front wheel suspension failure. Although terrifing, it could have been so very different on that day and thus what took place 2 weeks later has affected me deeply. My thoughts are with all those people who lost their lives in such wasteful circumstances and the families who search for answers everyday.
    Richard Webb, Dublin, Ireland.

  • lewis

    Any flickr-photo-album/audio/video of them ?

  • Jaroslav

    Where is the promised flight manifest? Today is 16th September 2009. A lot of people are waiting for it to appear here.

  • snmy

    A specific movie, or TV documentary should be made in memory of all the people sacrificed in this crash.

    Also I remember that the Canadian Bombardier Company who is responsible for the recent U.S. Buffalo Crash & previous Chinese BAOTOU Crash has not aired the REAL CAUSE of the mechanic failure of the latter one till now. Are there something to hide from the people?

  • Neil

    Erich Heine – Father of 3 gorgeous little girls, husband to a wonderful woman Alet and my best friend & hero in life and my brother. It is more than 3 months already and I miss you more and more each day Boet. Why did you have to be taken so soon, I keep asking myself. Instead of the pain fading, it’s just gets more intense as time passes, knowing that you and I will NEVER share another beer, laugh at another joke together and have the pleasure of each others company ever again.
    You were my driving force and guiding light and now you gone – I really miss you man. I really do, more than words can ever describe…

  • hun
  • Hossein

    I knew Christophe Paus. He was a neuro surgeon in Lausanne, Switzerland. He was a great man. Although he was so young but he was one of the chief surgeons of the clinic. Brilliant.
    He saved the life of my wife before his death… I am indebted to his kind helps.
    May God have mercy upon his soul.

  • Sarah Hempstead

    Have just found out via facebook that someone I knew years ago ,Stefan Bagus from Germnay, was on flight 447 – very sad day..

  • Nina

    Just a day ago I found out via facebook and google that a man I met almost 10 years ago, flightattendant Sébastien Vedovati was lost with flight 447. It breaks my heart because I was not prepared to find such tragic news when searching for a sweet and kind gentleman like him. I imagined him to be happily married and have beautiful kids and I would be so happy for him. From what I have found he had married and his wife was also lost in the same tragedy and it really breaks my heart to know that I will never be able to se him or speak to him again. When I first heard of flight 447 and that it involved an Air France plane my thoughts went straight to him but I immediately pushed the bad feeling away thinking it wouldn’t happen to him ,someone who I knew. Now I sit here in front of my computer almost a year after the crash in tears and trying to wrap my head around the all this information and deal with the emotional turmoil. It just breaks my heart to read about those who passed and all their family and loved ones left behind.

    They are angels now, rest in peace, and when our time comes we will meet again in a better place.

  • Devena

    Was Audrey Gianii- an air stewardess on that flight??

  • David Ma Canada

    God bless you all. hope all of you rebirth again. I don’t know anyone on the plane 447.but I feel sad for the family friends and the love one they miss. love you all. God bless you amen.

  • John Broderick

    Just watched on tv so sad may they rest in peace

  • Michael Davies

    Hi. I’ve been dwelling on Flight 447 for about 3 weeks now. I saw the news in 2009 and followed it closely but for some reason, these last 3 weeks has seen me watching youtube videos about the fatal flight and I really can’t come to terms with what happened at this moment in time.

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